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Finally Done!

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Monday, August 26th, 2013 4:52 pm

First ever Ludum Dare completed! Woo!


I originally entered the contest hoping it would give me incentive to complete a game. Now, almost 72 hours later, I have AT LEAST a finished prototype. It was a lot of fun. I can’t wait to vote on other submissions and finally re-assimilate back into society. XD


I’d say my biggest problem was timing; this event happened just as I was moving into college, so it was pretty crazy. I also wish I had more dedicated team members. It’s always nice to have someone with the same goal in mind to push you on.


The game I completed is titled ‘00000010’. I originally had an idea for a game where the world would swap between states every ten seconds, but ten seconds is a pretty long time. Noticing how the theme is written numerically and not grammatically, I decided that I could interpret it as two seconds (10 in base 2). I don’t know how strong this follows the theme, but I thought it was pretty clever.


Without further ado, here is ‘00000010’




As a side note, we also had an idea for a brawler game, where you had to beat up bad guys to stay pumped with adrenaline to counter a neuro-toxin. Unfortunately, that would rely too much on graphical assets, something that wasn’t very available. But I’ll be saving Rocco Yosocco (the main hero) for another game. 😉


Best of luck to all!

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