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Barrel Roll Ultra – post Jam

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Monday, September 14th, 2015 6:03 pm


OriginalFor those of you who played Barrel Roll (Ultra!), thanks for your kind words and reviews. This game started of as a reverse DK, and I wanted to keep the vibe going as much as I could. I maintained the game in a way that players can get where the inspirations is coming from, and still be entertained. The game kind of becomes a Mario zombie carnival later and its great fun!

Some of you asked who the green head monkey thing is. Well he is an ape who leads of the Great Kong’s followers. The leader uses a Green mask, the pipe guy is Mr.Pink, Mr.Blue does the cleaning afterwards.


Scrn4The initial plan was to have a progression based action game. You start alone. Then you get more monkeys to join the squad. They are supposed to add threat as the rolling barrels can harm you too, but can also be helpful because if you escape, they will most likely explode on a plumber. Then there was introduction to different barrel types, enemy types etc etc.

I spent two hours on this frame on Day 2 before abandoning it..

I am looking forward to seeing the ratings for this game. For the future, this game has given me some ideas for another game I always wanted to do. It is going to be a strategy game with some similarities to this one. Here is a sneak peek on how it is coming along. I will try to keep updating the game’s progress through Twitter.


The pigs cometh! Soon.

Thanks for reading, and keep Jamming! You can play the game here: Barrel Roll Ultra!

-Saf (viking.potato@gmail.com)


Pete, The Petard: Post Compo thoughts

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Sunday, December 29th, 2013 4:02 am

Hello there townsfolk!

I hope many of you have already played my Ludum Dare 28 entry, Pete, The Petard. Its a fun little game, featuring a dedicated Petard who does what petards are supposed to do, explode! To complete his missions, he has to destroy enemy supplies and eliminate the guards and do all of it in one go! Because you know, you only get one…

Use of petards in games (clash of clans, age of empires)

Petards are not a new thing in gaming, i am sure you have seem them in real time strategy games and a few shooters too.

The Original Idea

The first idea I thought of was a puzzle platform game where the player gets one bomb and the level has multiple enemies. The trick was that the bomb could only kill a limited number of enemies. All those who remained had to be killed by other means using the level elements or dragged together so that you could kill many enemies with one bomb.

When the development started, one thing led to another and the next thing i knew, i was blowing myself up and winning castles for my king!

Art Style

I wanted the world and the characters to look as cartoony as possible. The theme of the game was grim, so pulling it off as a fun game required a concoction of cute and silly.

I started with the characters. Pete the Petard had to be a simple guy, ordinarily dressed with nothing special about his appearance and not too smart either. What would a low paid 100% expendable soldier’s uniform look like, i think it would be entirely made of brown rug, head to toe. Helmet? Nah it’s not going to help him anyway. Pete takes his work seriously, his cheap uniform is clean and ironed. Is he bald under the cap? Oh well that.. he doesn’t want you to know.

The bomb he carries is high-spirited, so very eager to go boom!


The enemies, that is the royal Guards are better looking, with fancy uniforms and sharp weapons. While making the characters, i kept in mind to keep them symmetrical following primitive shapes.. the human mind loves basic symmetries :)

I did not have time to add as many details to the game world as i wanted, but i still managed to make small props like grass types, flags, decorative shields, meteor hammers etc which i added in different levels to add variety.

Level Design

Now an artist is not something i call  myself, so one of the things i was happy to be able to accomplish in this Jam was total Tile-based level design. I drew most of the tiles separately in 64*64 grids (later downsized to 32*32) and imported them as tile-sets. The Parallax backgrounds required a little more work.

Level Design using tiles and objects

Each level has been made through tile assembly and parallax backgrounds, and works pretty well for that.


Pete can be controlled by arrow keys for movement and jump. Based on players’ feedback i believe the controls need some fine-tuning as Pete moves too much on light keystrokes which makes it tough for him to land on tricky spots. Another complaint was that the general physics was somewhat ‘light’ and bulk of a few objects was not as it was supposed to be.

These are all polish and tuning problems that i will fix post Ludum.

A design flaw as I would call it, is that it’s tough to understand in these small levels as to which objects are in vicinity of Pete’s bomb. The exact bomb range is hard to determine and is unforgiving. One would think one is in the range of an object but as it turns out, the target would be marginally missed by a few pixels. Click the gif to understand the issue better.

This is something that needs more than just tuning. I think i will make a system where the objects in the range of Pete’s bomb have some kind of visual cue, so that the player can  have a better idea about the beginning of the chain reaction.

Final words

I had a great time creating this game, and the response was overwhelming. Next Ludum, i plan to be more focused and again make something which is fun and worthwhile. Those of you who liked the project, the source is attached (poke me if the link doesn’t work). If you add more levels and mechanics, i’d love to play them! Keep learning, keep making games, be awesome!

Pete, The Petard

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Sunday, December 15th, 2013 3:16 pm

So finally the game is complete.. I am still doing occasional play-testing, but i think its safe to make this post now.

Pete is a professional petard. This means his job is to carry explosives and blow up the enemy base.
So when you play as Pete, you have to destroy all enemy supplies and troops, but you only get one chance as the loyal petard also blows up with his bomb!

Pete The Petard

Pete The Petard

Visit: Pete The Petard Page

Hello Ludum people!

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Saturday, August 24th, 2013 9:01 am

Hello, this is Saf.

This is my first Ludum entry! I started my game saturday morning, and uploaded it on Sunday 5 am.

You can check out the game at The Dollhouse Curse

I might change the name later, if you guys have a better idea, please help me.. For now, its  The Dollhouse Curse!

I wasn’t sure i would be able to finish the game in 48 hours, but its done! Broadly, I spent the first quarter thinking about the game, second quarter coding the game, third quarter drawing and forth quarter doing all three, plus recording the audio! Oh yeah! the game features my voice 😀

Lamps and Torches to enhance visibility.

Lamps and Torches to enhance visibility.

Going with the 10 seconds theme, I wanted to make a spooky and creepy game. So here i have a game where you are alone in the dark, with a torch so you can see nearby stuff and light lamps to further enhance your vision.  However, the lamps you light only last for 10 seconds!

The game tests your puzzle solving ability and your memory. You have to link identical looking dolls, which are hidden in the levels. You do this by touching a doll, and then touching the other doll of the same type.

However since the dungeon is pitch dark, its upto you to remember which doll you saw in which place and which type have you currently selected. If you selected doll is in dark, you cannot find what type  it is unless you go back to it.

The dolls are creepy, because dolls are always creepy. If you match a doll with a wrong type, the level restarts. There are a total of 10 different levels in the Ludum entry. You can see your currently selected dolls in top left, and the number of pairs to find in top right. Tell me your thoughts about the game, I really want to add more levels and mechanics to it and then make it public..


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