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Declaration of intent.

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Thursday, August 18th, 2011 5:10 am

AKA “I’m in.”

Contrary to the contract in the video, I’ll be using HTML5 canvas and Javascript, on top of a little basecode of my own for handling animation, text, and audio. As per them rules, my boilerplate can be seen here: http://vede.galacticgaming.net/LD21/

I probably won’t be using that font, and I definitely won’t be using the robot. It’s just there to demonstrate the animation.

(Not a) Minesweeper clone

Posted by
Friday, December 17th, 2010 11:00 pm

No, it’s not a minesweeper clone, what are you talking about. Go away.

Not Minesweeper.

The idea might be to have a digging/Minesweeper game where the player has to mine around the mines (oh man) and find treasure, which must be sold to get more high-tech mining equipment. And as another jab at the theme if I have time, the player can use Scrolls of Identify (an earlier idea I had was a game about a day in the life of an Identify scroll) to gamble with an item’s value (normally, stuff is normal-priced, identify it as cursed, price drops majorly, identify it as blessed, price increases majorly).

Declaration of intent to consider attempting participation in LD 19

Posted by
Friday, December 17th, 2010 9:28 pm

If things go right and the planets align properly…

Language: C++
Tools: Gedit, GIMP, sfxr
Libraries: SDL + basecode
Hell yeah: hell yeah

Got a nice idea, I think, so let’s see how this goes, maybe.

Why vede should get a camera, and code faster.

Posted by
Saturday, August 21st, 2010 9:25 pm

So here I am, desperately seeking approval of the internet, and I don’t have a camera. How can I post pictures of myself on 4chan or show you guys what food I eat during LD if I don’t have a camera? I can’t, that’s how. So what do I do? I make really shitty stuff in GIMP and hope it’s about the same.

This is photo quality, right?

(The hotdog isn’t actually that big in relation to my head, I’m just behind it.)

And with just twenty-two hours till the deadline, what have I accomplished?

(Those are robots!)

Moving, riding in robots, and shooting. Still to do: obstacles, at least one other kind of robot, some sort of interface for HP and whatever, and lots of other stuff.

If anyone’s curious about the idea for the game, then it’s this: the world has been overrun by robots, and you just happen to be able to hack into them and turn them over to your side and ride in them. Before going back above ground you managed to broadcast a global “no kill” beacon to all the robots so they won’t kill humans anymore (that is, they won’t kill what’s left of them), but they’ll still consider any robot who doesn’t appear to be on their side (a remnant from the initial defense measures, trying to kill robots with robots). So you can walk around all the giant robots freely, but as soon as you get into one, they’ll all start trying to attack you. The goal is to kill all the robots (or stop them from being hostile). For the compo, the best I can see myself doing is having just fighter robots in a city that you have to go turn against each other or control against other robots, but I might manage to get some more stuff in for the jam part of the event (I want to have about five different kinds of “robots,” with the abilities of each to essentially allow for basic base-building). Fighter-bots, fuel-tanker-bots, turret-bots, electric fences, and builder-bots (for moving the three non-fighter bots).

So now Imma go code some more and hope I manage to get something presentable (or at least close) by the deadline.

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Friday, August 20th, 2010 7:23 pm

Woooowww Ludum Dare for-realz-mode this time. This’ll be my first non-mini LD yet! 😀

I read Dem Rulez and it said that if we planned on using any sort of personal libraries or basecode or whatever, we should show them to everyone via blog post, so that’s what this post is for. Plus excitement.

Link to a nice little package containing what I usually use for my random projects that never get finished: Download!

C++ only, uses SDL and SDL_image, and I was (and still am) pretty nooby at C++, so if you feel the need to check it out or something, don’t expect to find anything particularly well-written or reasonable in it.

Compiling on Windows is possible, but it requires a couple minor changes, I believe (I’ve never actually tried, but I’ve given it to someone else to do it so I could make sure it would work).

Now to get to pondering on what to do for the theme. :O


Posted by
Wednesday, November 18th, 2009 3:34 pm

So, here’s my first ever finished entry into any game development competition.

It’s a two-player co-op game, where the two players see the world from wildly different perspectives. One funny (the two players are clowns in a world made of gift-boxes, throwing pies at walking piñatas), the other tragic (you play as soldiers mindlessly killing innocent civilians).


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