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Why Haven’t I Done Ludum Dare Before?

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Monday, December 12th, 2016 1:28 am

So my first compo, A very enjoyable experience to say the least.

I thought i was prepared for the time management aspects, I wasn’t. I love a deadline to put me into a working mood but this was a short burst of computer life like never before. I have to say that I really enjoyed not being able to double and triple think what i’m doing, I had ideas brew up and just made them happen, where in normal circumstances I would throttle back.


I started making some wall textures and character models first, then moving on to building the layout of room and designing more models as I needed them. My plan was to have the assets I needed all ready to go then script up some dialogue scenes and animation and add quick time events to trigger them. I wasn’t able to include the dialogue which is a shame, and I was a few quick time events short as well. I was able to harness a certain mood though and I surprised myself with the tone of the presentation, and i had fun making the music at the end, under such pressure.

Ill need some decompression/sleep/coffee/beep to have some clearer thoughts on what has transpired and i can’t wait to play all the entries!


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