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Just a little hobby programmer.
21 years old, coming from Austria (Vienna).

My programms will be written in Java and graphics will be pixel-graphics.
(i write my midi music myself. so if a game contains one; yes its written by me; Im a muscian =) )

If someone wants to know more just tell me ;)

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New arround here ;)

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Monday, May 28th, 2012 12:41 pm


Just wanted to say hey!
I just read about the website and i really like the concept.
Here in Austria we don’t have many “Gaming-Companies” or a real industry for gaming.
Most people arround here who are interested in games work in Germany or do it as a hobby.

some facts about me:

21 years old (male)
From Austria Vienna
Designing Games for fun (in java, most people hate java because of the bad implementation)
Musician (playing guitar and bass)
Very open minded
yeah. and i dont want to talk too much.

the games will be in pixel graphic style, music will be midi (created bymyself).
i will prepare some code or libraries in Java (which im working on right now).
Which basicly means if someone is interested in a simple game engine for java i’m going to create a easy one and share it.

bye :)

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