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Posted by (twitter: @VanMerwan)
Friday, May 2nd, 2014 12:53 am

How I made X=3-1 (Jam Theme winner)

Posted by (twitter: @VanMerwan)
Tuesday, May 21st, 2013 2:35 am

The first thing I said to myself before the start of the Jam was this : “I will do my best to respect the theme in every aspect of interpretation or development.” Then the theme was announced : “Minimalism“. I was very frustrated because I knew that obeying THAT theme would kill almost every fragment of creativity I have could put into it my game. I wasn’t creating a personal game anymore, but a thing resulting of the maximum extrapolation of an invasive theme.

My thoughts are a battlefield with Conformism (C) against Anticonformism (A).
I do hate the C part, but it’s keeping me sane. This is how I proceed, talking to myself :

  • A : What is the Minimal in a Game?
    C : Interactivity. Without interactivity, it’s just a show.
    A : But is a show a real game with unconscious inputs and inexplicit outputs?
    C : Don’t mix show and game or people won’t understand.
  • A : What is the Minimal in Interactivity?
    C : An input, an output.
    A : It seems to be true with 2 people (considering Player and Game).
  • A : What is the Minimal Input or Output?
    C : A click and displaying a pixel I think.
    A : Where are your arguments?
    C : In common games you just have to click and pixels are small and light.
    C : Remember, people need to understand.
    A : MAN, stop attacking your liberty of thinking by using understandability as a filter.
    C : Do a game for your yourself if you want BUT UNDERSTAND that shareability is primordial in LD.
    A : Go **** ******** C!

— Cerebral Meltdown —
I’m not going to show you everything, because it took hours.
And my head hurts.

  • A : So… what’s the minimal game engine?
    C : Notepad.
    A : LOL, are you trying to mimic me? You’re bad at this, you know.C : It was a serious answer.
    A : It was unoriginal originality, around 10 people will have the same idea.
    C : So what’s your idea?
    A : No game engine.
    C : WHAT???!! We are NOT going to make a game??
    C : GOOD JOB, YOU’RE RIGHT : 0 octets, that’s Minimal!
    C : Who won? Everyone who did NOT submit a game.
    C : You’re going to be hated for that.

— Conformism ragequit — Long wait — Conformism comeback —

  • A : Bro, try to understand me,
    A : I was saying : no “standard” game engine.
    A : Let’s use Ludum Dare website as a game engine.
    A : One possibility : Title = Question ; Download links = Answers.
    A : Let’s minimize everything
    C : Wow, you’re a genius, no kiddin, but can we?
    A : It’s not forbidden, I think. Let’s submit in “Jam”. In case of.
  • C : So, what’s the minimal question for you?A : “How are you?”
    C : Answer links : “Fine, thank you” and “Not so well”?
    A : I don’t like this, the question must be more challenging.
    A : What about “X = 3 – 1“, btw : weird name, easy to see.
    C : That’s not challenging at all.
    A : Well, it looks challenging so people UNDERSTAND where the game is.
    A : Remember, there’s no downloadable game, no Flash, no HTML5!
    C : Why not “48√∑2(9+3) = ?“, we will get more points in fun.
    A : Too hard, and minimalism has a difficulty interpretation.
    A : Note : We must do minimalism in the most diverse field of interpretations!
  • C : Where the “download” links are going to redirect?
    A : Maybe to wikipedia, to the true or false page.
    C : I like the “true” or “false” idea, it’s very “game-like”.
    C : However, some people will not understand that wikipedia is a part of the game.
    C : They will say “the link is broken” or something else.
    C : I will write “you need a web browser” so people don’t search a “physical” game.
    C : And it’s funny at the same time.
  • A : Good idea, hhmm, for the links I will write true or false in images.
    A : I will then upload the images and use their direct links.
    A : It’s important to lure people into thinking we spent minimal time and skill.
    C : I think you’re right.
    A : Haha.
    C : Be careful, some people will look at the URL, so upload the false image several times.

And that’s roughly how I got this :

Theme(Jam) 4.65
Humor(Jam) 4.40


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