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The Blind Maze update

Posted by
Wednesday, December 10th, 2014 2:14 pm

Hey guys,


Thank you again to the people who gave feedback on my little game.

Today I started working on it again and I’ve planned a few steps already :


– Since I am no longer bound  by the Ludum Dare theme, the camera will follow you + I will activate the mouse rotation. It should give a more immersive feel. You will also be in pitch black space instead of starring to ugly panels.

– Second I will give visual feedback such as this one when you hit a wall. It will work like a sound wave (think Daredevil sonar thing but not as good looking because I don’t know how to be honest) Instead you’ll have these things light up around a small area when you touch a wall. Obviously to prevent abuse the drawback of this will be that the monsters will see this too and move towards that when you do it too much.



– I will also correct the big bug I have as fast as I can.


After that I will improve the general polish of the game, I will completly rework the UI for example. And I’ll probably add some actions like maybe throw a rock at a wall to light it.


The feedback really motivated me to continue so thank you for that.


You can still play/vote/rate it here.


The Blind Maze Update

Posted by
Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 2:30 pm

Hi people and thank you to the people who rated and commented on my game.


As the huge majority (really it’s basically 100%) of you guys who rated my game told me my idea was great but the game was very hard to play due to known bugs that I sadly didn’t have time to fix, I came up with an idea for the future to make the game first of all more cool and secondly easier on the eye. I definitly plan on improving this game since I consider the feedback so far positive.

My plan for the future (other than fixing the bugs of course, which is actually mostly one bug but it is kinda game breaking) is to make the screen completly black and do a “Daredevil effect” when you hit a wall. This should give you a visual cue for a few seconds and help you out on the maze. I will also improve the sound design and record more sounds myself since I had to use soundbanks for this project due to the time restrictions.

And I’ll add music.


I’d love to get feedback about that from people who already voted for my game and if you didn’t and feel like checking it out, leave a comment and I’ll definitly check your game.



Quick check before submitting.

Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2014 6:53 pm

Hi guys,


So I am wondering if I can enter the compo.


On the rules it says you have to make everything, but then it talks about music samples and that you can use them to make your music. But what about SFX samples? What if I used soundbanks as a base to create my sounds?

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