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Office Hours Post-Mortem

Posted by
Saturday, September 12th, 2015 2:25 pm

Hi there!
I participated in the Jam and created ‘Office Hours’ which is a fun, upbeat shoot’em-up style game!

I’ll be discussing the up’s and down’s throughout the weekend and how I felt about it all. I’ll also show some pictures i took throughout the weekend.

Day 1:

I had originally planned to make a moody, atmospheric game but once the theme was announced and i spent a few hours drawing up some things i decided to scrap it!
I wanted to create a game like hotline miami but still have its own charm. The theme was quite good for a pysological game, and so Office Hours was born!
The first night mostly consisted of some art and a creation of a small codebase.

Beta testing Level ( First Night )

I pushed out a very basic level design and added a player that could shoot some bullets! Not very much was done art-wise besides placeholder.

Day 2:

I knew I had to work fairly hard on the second day because i felt like i could have done more the first day, but it was okay! Having fun was key! The morning of the second day i worked on more art and came up with the player and some NPC’s!

Players spritesheet

I created an entire spritesheet but forgot that the players rotation changes so i only needed to use the down position and the up! The animation looked good and i was fine with it! Surprisingly i spent only 45 minutes on the entire character which felt great! I also went ahead and planned out some basic scenery to make the game feel a bit more alive!

Test of the props!

The second day was also where i went ahead and did a ton of Camera work! The camera shakes quite violently and pulses to the beat of the music ( day 3 ). The camera shake had to be a tricky one because i had simply coded it for a stationary Camera, which obviously , wouldnt work for this game! I ended up redoing the entire Camera and made the movement of the camera on the players position be ‘stabilized’ and then added in the shake as after effects. By stabilizing the camera, i was able to move it freely while shaking it and having no affect on the position of the camera in relation to the player! I also added basic prep work for the camera pulse to the beat and simply made it beat based off of a function i wrote in desmos..
That leads me into the growth of speed!


The entire game speeds up the more kills you acquire in ‘rage’ mode! Its all based on this graph which is capped at different levels for different things. This has to be one of the coolest things i went ahead and implemented as it made the game feel so much more fast paced as it went on!

Day 3:

Day three had to be a music day! I wanted to really make a heavy beat that had a 4×4 kick which could simulate a heartbeat. I also wanted the pulsing to give off the feeling of a heartbeat with the song. Not only that, but I wanted the other office song to really contrast the heavy electro beat! I sampled a song titled ‘Willow Weep For Me’ and it came out great! Of course its a little repetitive, but what office isn’t? The music is always an afterthought in terms of my programming implementation so i didn’t actually put the music in until monday morning! I spent hte majority of day three on music but I also implemented the different maps within the game so that was a day well spent if you ask me!

Second Floor

Day 4:

I spent a majority of monday working on audio and some enemy AI placement and things of the sorts. I had to turn in school related things which took about an hour or two out of my work time! Curse you High School! Other than that, Monday was a day full of scrambling and trying to piece together the game I had!

What I enjoyed:

I enjoy my game greatly! This is probably one of the best things ive made in terms of gameplay but boy is the code ugly . I think the camera effects were awesome and so was the gameplay. Of course there are bugs throughout but I’m not very worried becuase its a jam game and I don’t intend to take it any farther than it is. I am proud of what was created and will can’t wait for the next one!

What I learned:

I learned that webGL in Unity has quite a few problems with the sound engine and the game ran quite poorly in webGL so i opted out of the web build . I had quite a few issues with Unity’s inspector simply because I am still not 100% comfortable with the engine, but it gets better day by day. The game was tons of fun to play but i recognize that the balance is trash. Next time around, i will definitely have to work on balance of the game that still makes it fun!

Want to play?

Click me to play! Please click me!


I’m definitely in!

Posted by
Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014 11:27 pm

Having missed the past Ludum Dare, i feel it is necessary to compete in this one to make up for it.

My Tools will be:

Programming / Engine: Unity 4.55 
Art / GFX: Photoshop / Inkscape / Illustrator
Music: FL Studio

I am normally a Java + LibGDX developer so this will be a first in terms of using Unity in a Game Jam!
Definitely still learning Unity and will be learning my way around the editor quite well over the weekend hopefully!

Good luck to all! :)

Okay for the time i had!

Posted by
Monday, April 28th, 2014 6:12 pm

I came home from school and only had about an hour and a half too make this!

I am fine with how it turned out for such time constraints, but there are of course quite a few problems with it!

Careful with the line, it wont catch everything in its path !


Anyways, I guess this is also my “I’m in!”.

I used Java and LibGDX as well as Paint.net for all this stuff!


Here is the link to the entry for those who would like to take a look!





Darn Java!

Posted by
Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 5:38 pm

In the 72 hours given ,i came up with a “decent” game but about 30 minutes from the turn in time…

I failed to realize how java reads the jar files and thus dint accommodate the Resources for that. Therefore, whenever the game was ran it had no files to read from which was part of how they came ran! Days later, i realize my problem and have fixed it and am here to offer the download.


Although i was able to turn it into the competition as a finished game, i learned a lot and cant wait to do it again! All these games look and play great and i hope next time too make some just as good!

Thanks all!


Download Link:



Side Note: Extract the whole folder and then run the jar!

Leave feedback please :)

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