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Resonant Craft is a french independent game creation team of two designers. We make video games for mobile devices and desktop.

Our aim is to eventually bring our stone to the game language. For now though, we are trying to get a footing in the gaming industry and to build entertaining games above all.


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The Ronin – samurai duels

Posted by (twitter: @ResonantCraft)
Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 9:21 am



The Ronin is our entry for this jam. It’s a dynamic action game filled with duels. The game is optimized for mobiles phones, so you can play from Safari, Chrome etc. on iOS and Android (at least).

We took the theme under the following lense : “the player only has one opportunity. Only one opportunity to slay his enemy. We extended this to “only one opportunity to attack when there’s an opening” too, in order to bring more depth to the game.

Anyway, instead of a classical postmortem, I’d like to write something that could be useful to you dudes and dudettes. If you have any question, are curious about our workflow, tools etc., please send me a message on twitter @ResonantCraft or in the comments !

Kind regards,


Posted by (twitter: @ResonantCraft)
Monday, August 26th, 2013 12:57 am

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on a tactical game for the jam (we’re 2 working on it). We’re going to do beasty work if possible today, we still have a lot of stuff to produce in the remaining hours, but that’s the first time we get to a “finished” game during the jam (we failed last year). Now only some fx and polish remain to be done.

As far as game design, our take on it was to bring a fairly high contrast between planning a strategy, and facing a wave of ennemies during a very brief fight (10 seconds long), with a little room to tweak your strat.

Here’s a quick screenshot :



Anyway, gotta go back to work, there are still loads of assets to make and polish.

Cheers !

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