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Good News Everyone!

Posted by
Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 4:34 pm



After 3 very intense days, we were able to submit our entry for the Jam!

I will definitely write a post-mortem (when I get some sleep ._.), but for now you can enjoy and rate the game, 55 days!


Play and rate it!

Gotta go

Posted by
Sunday, April 17th, 2016 6:26 pm

It’s 1am here so I have to stop for today. Unfortunately, there is still a lot to do, and we won’t be able to make anything till tomorrow evening :(

We have to find a name for the game, too! Feel free to leave any suggestion if you can!

Here is another gif showing the current state of the game. I think it’s pretty cool actually :)


Still working on the assets!

Posted by
Sunday, April 17th, 2016 4:50 am

The game is taking shape (ahah)! Now buildings level-up, and I integrated some of the new assets. Next step is camera rotation and levelup fx ūüėÄ

Halfway through the jam!

Posted by
Saturday, April 16th, 2016 4:30 pm

Here is a little report after one day of work :)

We are making a puzzle/city builder game. You build on a island regularly shifting shape and extending. The¬†buildings also change shape and evolve as you build others next to them. (I wonder¬†this should have been somewhat more suitable to the “everything is connected” theme :p)

I made 3 gifs showing our progress through the day :


The island expansion, this was actually rather simple to do.


You can build on it!


Now with better (but still temporary) assets!


We won’t be able to work on it monday because of work, so hopefully we can finish tomorrow! Still so much work to do, working on all the remaining features, improving assets, improving player feedback, and implementing some sound and BGM.


We are in!

Posted by
Saturday, April 16th, 2016 7:34 am


We are a team of two, we¬†tried to find a way to stick¬†to this very uninspiring theme (for us),¬†hopefully¬†our interpretation¬†is not too far-fetched…

The game will be built using Animate CC and FlashDevelop.


We will try to post updates :)


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