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Inner Maze — Post-Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @usonchen)
Sunday, May 8th, 2016 4:30 pm

This is our first LD. Inner Maze is build in luck.  => play it <=

We have got couple of comments, I want to go through some.


 What’s good:



The ideas raised in our mind when got the theme is “Corresponding form to fit some criteria”, but we gave up at once and tried to think further, as we want to make something different. After discussion, some features determined.

– Focus on the process of shifting, not to make shape-Transformer.

Machenic1 Machenic2

– Strengthen the feedback of user input.

Machenic3 Machenic4

With the inspiration from SuperHot, the final mechanic accomplished.



I created the characters without any specified ideas.

Thus I tried to draw the outline  with meaningless symbols aimlessly.

To save time, I use Aseprite instead of PS. Less features, quicker drawing.


dark-purple stands mystery, light-green is bloom effect purpose

Fortunately, I was inspired when I move this stuffs into Spine for animations.

Because the game environment is static, I made the animation vibrant intentionally to be in stark contrast.


(by the way, rigging and deformation improve 2d animation productivity so much. I finished all the animations within 1 hour.)



We set the goals for each level as below,

Lv1 – Tutorial  ; Lv2 – Learn to use Mask ; Lv3 – further challenge ; Lv4 – fluid experience to relax

Demost draft a professional excel with global perspective and then configured  them in Unity step by step(platforms/shift key frame/bubbles).

1AC5C771-9007-4E42-B77F-4A7833125E48   0636ECE8-C6E6-48C2-BE1C-24E10A4C47AC

=> play it <=



Inner Maze Post-Jam version released!!!

Posted by (twitter: @usonchen)
Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 10:05 am


Beyond our expectation, we have got 60+ votes and couple of serious comment !

Here, the Post-Jame version of Inner Maze is released as our appreciation.

High resolution and full-screen ?  Yes !

No stuck and better control ? Of course ! 

Portal to LD Page

Portal to Download

Portal to Web version



What’s more, as the LD page can’t reply directly, we want to give our reply here.


Sorry for the bad feeling of the control. We take much count of collision detection issues. Lot of efforts has been paid to the optimization. I think it’s better now and ready for you to try again. Your comment makes this game better!


(Demost) <- this guy make the crazy level

When we got the theme, we decided to reflect the human inner world with shapes. The stuffs inside are always changing and different view with different mood. To solve the problem, need to switch the perspective. We design the level with captioned sense. Thank you so much.


(Henry) <- this guy bring up the linkage of Jungian

I’m interested in Jungian theory. Thus I make the mask as the key. Masks stand for different mood and you can find the way out of the inner maze when your mood is under controlled.



Inner Maze – entire world waiting for your move

Posted by (twitter: @usonchen)
Thursday, April 21st, 2016 4:06 pm

you stop, everything stop, vice versa


shape shifts itself, figure out the right state


switch the mood to find the way out

switch the mood to find the way out

Play now!

Inner Maze – A world follow your move

Posted by (twitter: @usonchen)
Monday, April 18th, 2016 6:55 pm

Finally, our game is done!



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