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Ludum Dare has become older than some of its members

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Saturday, August 20th, 2016 7:36 am

I remember the first Ludum Dare was a 24 hours competition. It became 48 hours in the second iteration and I think that was Ludum Dare 1 about 15+ years ago. How time flies! I participated in the first 48 hours one doing a game in Flash most people were doing games in python, pygame, open gl, C, and C++. I followed closely the later competitions and presented a couple of unfinished work but I played most of the games which used to be about a couple of hundred entries. These days there are thousands of entries and trying them would be a daunting task.

The team and community has been great.

Many Ludum Dare jam games evolved to full games and became hits on the mobile and desktop stores.

I will try to join a competition soon and present a playable game.

Good luck everyone!

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Saturday, April 26th, 2014 9:32 am

A little off topic.

We have worked on the following game a couple of month ago but stopped due to being busy with other of life issues.
In a couple of weeks we will have some free time on our hands, do you think we should restart working on it?

Video of the game:

And the facebook page is:

Thanks for your feedback.

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Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 7:17 am

I got inspired by stvr idea and I am doing this jam with my kids.

My 11 year old daughter got excited and started drawing these sketches:
Note: English is a second language to her.

TitleScreen QueenOfTheDay QueenOfTheNight SaviourOfTheDay

My first LD was LD 1 and this is my 2nd entry in LD 27

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Sunday, August 25th, 2013 7:02 pm

The first ever LD was a 24 hour event. I did not participate in that but I played every game.

I participated in the first 48 hour LD and my entry was average. The theme was defend or guardian.
Since that time I have followed every LD and wanted to enter but did not.
Anyways after more than 10 years I have participated in LD 27 and I am disappointed with myself but and entry is better than none.

Too Bad I will not be able to finish

Posted by
Sunday, April 20th, 2008 1:12 pm

Got to go to sleep.

Could not finish on time.

Shape Shifters

Supper Snack

Posted by
Saturday, April 19th, 2008 9:25 am

While you are having breakfast I am having a supper snack.

It is Caramel Waffle. I do not know why but I have become addicted to them. I have to have at least a couple each day.

I have opened my Flash CS3 to start but I have no idea to start with.

Caramel Waffle

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