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Post-Mortem of CarrotCatcher

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Friday, April 22nd, 2016 3:26 pm

All in all, we definitely reccommend to play The Game.

Carrot Catcher screenshot

Rotary platforms in Carrot Catcher

Our team was composed of people, who took part of Ludum Dare 4th time, 2nd time and first time. We developed a platformer, where all platforms are constantly morphing, which puts extra emphasis on the timing of your jumps. We decided to go with a childish-happy mood.

What went well

We actually completed the game in time to reasonably good extent. Nothing was too broken and nothing really important got left out. We also had great deal of fun doing it. This time we believe we got our player controls right, they feel intuitive, easy to use and fun. Turtle physics cause it to rotate in funny way, that was originally a bug, but we decided to keep it as it looked fabulous in our opinion.

What could have gone better

In the final hours we had trouble syncing our codebase via git. Apparently Unity depended on some temporary binary files, that were in our .gitignore, so some of us were able to compile the final code, others were not. Main difficulty seemed to be in level and gameplay design. Also the overall look of platforms, etc., got less attention than it deserved. Our time allocation could have been better as well. We spent a lot of time trying to use Unity’s built-in features such as Effectors and collision detection functions. However they didn’t work properly due to the morphing state of our Polycolliders. In the end we had to implement our own alternatives, which we could have done sooner.

We eager to try our best!

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Friday, April 15th, 2016 2:55 pm

We are three it students from Estonia. Plan is to meet up and create 2.5D-ish game using Unity. Some of us have previously taken part of Ludum Dare.

What we’ll use:

  • Unity
  • Git (Bitbucket)
  • GIMP
  • both Windows and Linux
  • Maybe we’ll find some sound effects somewhere online


  • ervion – Has taken part of Ludum Dare multiple times actually. No better than the first time.
  • kessutinnu – Half-artist, half-programmer. Extraordinary optimist.
  • GaugeAnomaly – Has experiences with unreal, opengl and other kinda low level stuff. Determined to make “cool” anything he is taking part of.

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