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Waiters: One Room

Posted by (twitter: @@UprightPath)
Friday, December 9th, 2016 10:29 pm

So, my thought was about things like… Blacksmith shops and all of those little games where your world is confined to a single room as a method of gameplay rather than the story itself. So I started to think about “Who’s jobs are actually confined to a single room?” And thought of… Waiters. Yep. Totally makes sense. Mhm.

So, I’m sort of torn now between two different ideas:

  1. A board game type thing with resource management themes.
  2. A time management type games with a little bit of rhythm game/minigame to it.

Seeing as I always try option 1 I’m going to go with option 2. Be back when I have more notes! ūüėÄ


Also! Moving during the attempt to do your LD makes for difficulties. More so when you don’t have either phone service or internet at your new place.

I’m in? I don’t know. Maybe.

Posted by (twitter: @@UprightPath)
Friday, December 9th, 2016 8:36 pm

I think I’m in! Perhaps. I don’t know. I’m going to be in a position where I might not have interburgers through this whole thing. If that’s the case I might not actually be in.

All I know is that I’ll be using similar tools to always: libGDX and something art-y. So, yeah. Let’s see if I can actually get something playable this time!

From Compo to Jam

Posted by (twitter: @@UprightPath)
Sunday, April 17th, 2016 8:36 pm

Welp! Due to a lot of bugs I only have a single level of my game. It’s a shame because it was starting to look pretty good! So, I’m going to spend a bit more time on it and release as a Jam instead and include some other features/correct some other stuff.

I’m going to include several more levels and enemies as well!


Update 1: Moved from the Box2D graphics that I was using to something more ’tile’ based. Also started to add monster shapes and the like.

2016-04-17 19_33_58-LDThreeFive

Well Shoot!

Posted by (twitter: @@UprightPath)
Saturday, April 16th, 2016 2:10 pm

Status Update 1: I downloaded OBS and found out, belatedly, that I can’t actually use it to capture my game in progress for some reason. :\ It won’t capture the output from the LIBGDX stuff.

Status Update 2: Got some of the logic done now! This is my first attempt at using Box2D and it’s looking pretty good I think:

2016-04-16 12_55_34-LDThreeFive

The player (the circle in the center) is pursued by the big circle. The big circle will follow a path (of the smaller brown circles) until it sees the player. Then it’ll chase until the player is out of sight.

The ¬†shapeshifting will come in shortly with the player changing shape: “Attack Form” which can jump onto to attack a human and absorb their essence (for upgrades?);¬†“Running Form” which is the current one, meant to be able to navigate the vents (smaller passages); ¬†“Hiding Form” which turns the player into an immobile object that MIGHT convince the enemy units that it’s not a monster (which allows attack form to get off an attack instantly if they get too close); and “Human Form” which turns the player into a humanoid that might pass for one of the humans (I’m thinking that this form will allow for a ranged attack like humans have.)

I’m also planning on trying to implement little ‘event’ objects to make it so that running causes sound that will attract guards, guards can ‘yell’ to summon other guards, etc. We’ll see. After I do the shape shift mechanics.

In I think?

Posted by (twitter: @@UprightPath)
Wednesday, April 13th, 2016 5:09 pm

Bwa ha ha ha ha! Finally! I’m unemployed, no plans. Nothing to interrupt what I’m going to be working on this weekend!

The last couple of events I’ve had an important deployment, work stuff, who knows what keeping me from devoting more than 12 hours to attempting to make a game. This time though…



OS: Win8 or 10

Language: Java

Library:  LibGDX

Art: Gimp + Paint.net

Sound: No idea!

Slight Library Refactoring

Posted by (twitter: @@UprightPath)
Friday, December 11th, 2015 7:24 pm

Hello! So, in my previous post I said that I was going to use a library. It had a lot of hard coded stuff from the project that it was part of. I’ve cleaned a bunch of it up and now I’m at least partially ready to release it. Or at least put it where others can touch it.

I refactored a bunch of stuff in the last day and moved it to: Falling Alchemy


Eventually I’ll be cleaning up and generalizing everything a bit further. Stay tuned!

Will I; Won’t I?

Posted by (twitter: @@UprightPath)
Thursday, December 10th, 2015 9:33 pm

I think I’m in. I took the day off tomorrow to help prepare some base code (mainly to clean up my platforming physics library that I used in previous compos and to add some stat/prob stuff that I think would be useful) and to relearn how to use libGDX and Java since it’s been four months since the last time I even looked at that language and library.

But, as is normal for a person with a job, it keeps intruding! They scheduled my company’s Christmas party at 6:30PM on Friday and so to show willing I’m going to have to miss at least the first three hours. And tomorrow my gaming group is getting together– I’m DMing after a two month absence from being able to!

Anyway! Onto the good stuff:

Platform: Win8 64bit PC

IDE/Language: Java with Idea Intellij

Art: Table, Gimp and Spriter (If I can get some practice.)

Sound: Ah… Good question.

Base Library/Code:¬†Alchemist’s Cause¬†(Older version of libGDX.)


I’ll be refactoring what’s there over the next day or so to pull out the physics portion (and add in the ability to have Physics events have ‘call backs’ for various stuff) and likely try to make the ‘control’ system a little bit better. And probably add more comments. If work has taught me¬†anything it’s that you¬†always¬†always¬†always ALWAYS¬† need more comments (just like dots.)

The Idea

Posted by (twitter: @@UprightPath)
Friday, August 21st, 2015 8:44 pm

Well, this could have been worse. MUCH WORSE.

I didn’t have a specific idea in mind when I saw what the theme was but it I’m at least marginally happy with it. I’d been hoping for something Alchemy or Fantasy related, but this doesn’t quite hit me as that so the game I was¬†hoping I’d get an excuse to make won’t be coming out. Instead, I’m going to brush off another idea I’d had. A horror-trope game about accumulating points by setting up certain circumstances.

The following are the preliminary rules that I came up with (I play too many board games.)

Each player (The Player + Computer) plays a Lord of Darkness who’s trying to usurp the others and become¬†The Lord of Darkness. To do this, they make use of various horror-trope monsters in an attempt to gather enough fear (points) at the end of the game to beat their opponent. Each monster has certain rules that allow it to accumulate points:

  • Vampire: Every even turn that they’re on a town with more than one female population they score (And remove one female pop.)
  • Werewolves: At the end of the game, if still alive, they score five points.
  • Zombies: One point per zombie in play at the end of the game (Replaces 1 pop with a zombie for each two zombies in the town.)
  • Ghosts: Number of haunted towns squared (A haunted town is a town with one of your ghosts on it.)

Each player may also attempt to thwart an opponent by increasing the fear of a monster in a town (1 Point per fear). A town with fear in it will attract the hunters who can destroy the monster in the right circumstance. When a town has 5 fear of a monster a Hunter will spawn in that town. The hunters work with the following rules:

  • Vampire Hunter: Kills a in their town vampire if they scored in the previous turn.
  • Werewolf Hunter: Kills a random Pop (Werewolf included.)
  • Zombie Hunter: Kills half¬†the numbers of Zombies on the town.
  • Ghost Hunter: Removes a ghost after three turns.

A player has several other actions they can take:

  • A player may spend 1 Point to move a monster to an adjacent town.
  • A player may spend 2 Point to move a spawned hunter.
  • A player may spend 3 Points to spawn a monster.

I’m Joining (I think)

Posted by (twitter: @@UprightPath)
Friday, August 21st, 2015 7:42 pm

So, I’m planning on trying to join in this time. The last two I’ve had to miss for various reasons (Mostly work.) This time, I’m hoping I’ll actually be able to join and accomplish something.

Language: Java

IDE: Intellij IDEA

Library: LibGDX

Platform: Windows + HTML5 + Android (I hope)

Art: Galaxy Note 10.1 + GIMP

Sound: Whatever I can find.

Library Stuff

Posted by (twitter: @@UprightPath)
Friday, August 22nd, 2014 5:47 pm

So, it seems I will be joining in this time and besides some everyday life things nothing else seems like it’ll be encroaching. As such I spent a bit of time setting up some¬†basic library things that I find useful and that I wouldn’t care if people use.

Library Stuff –¬†https://github.com/UprightPath/UprightPathLD30

Main: A main class that’s meant to hold the instances of Managers that are used by the system.

Screens: Set up a basic libGDX screen abstract class with a stage and some basic rendering stuff (Clears the screen, provides space for setting up some other GL options) and checks whether assets are being reloaded.

SoundManager: Very basic class for associating Sounds and ids that allows the control of volume/muting.

MusicManager: Very basic class for associating Music and ids that allows the control of volume/muting.


Also uploading all of the source code/assets to this location as coding goes on.

I might be in?

Posted by (twitter: @@UprightPath)
Tuesday, August 19th, 2014 1:05 pm

So, I’ve attempted to the LD several times over the last few years and it always seems that one thing or another pops up and prevents me from actually getting anything done… Or I just fail terribly (Like the last two times). This year? It’s the job hunt thing. I might be starting a new job and when I do, its hours– important because I need to make rent– might likely encroach on the time that I have to participate.

Anyway, if I’m in I’m making use of:

Language: Java & LibGDX

IDE: Idea Intellij

Art: Paint.net

Sound: Don’t know, never seem to get around to it (Probably one of the random generators from the Tools page.)

Well! This is going better!

Posted by (twitter: @@UprightPath)
Sunday, April 27th, 2014 12:10 pm

I wasn’t certain if I would be in on this because of Graduate School stuff and other “fun”, but what I’ve got is going together better than I expected.


Information (Since I didn’t before. :3)

Platform: Java with libGDX

Art: Paint.net

Sound: Random Generator and probably http://abundant-music.com/


Idea: Big surprise, it’s a dungeon delve/exploration platformer. Basically with the player attempting to collect all of the dragon idols beneath the surface (Hwa hwa hwa, I didn’t like this choice).

State: I’ve got the basic platforming functionality done including ladders (Static placed at the start) and ropes (placed by the player), fall damage, collisions and the like.



Unluckily, the area I’m in has been having¬†high winds and it’s killing my sinuses/allergies.

You only get one!

Posted by (twitter: @@UprightPath)
Friday, December 13th, 2013 7:20 pm

Well, well, well! This is a theme I can actually get behind. I’ve already got a game idea to play around with and if I can get it done quickly enough I might work on a second one.

Fire Damp

You play the part of a Knocker Man, a person who is called when Fire Damp– Methane and the other flammable gasses that accumulate in coal mines– is discovered. It’s your job to go into the deeps, with little more than a glowing worm and a little cricket that makes noise when around Fire Damp and set it off. To do this, you have two tools: The Candle-ona-Stick and the Flaming Rag Slinger. The Candle-ona-Stick allows you to light fire damp from a short distance away. The Flaming Rag Slinger launches a fiery rag in the chosen direction, lighting the fire damp. Depending on how far you are away from the fire is how much damage you take. Too close and you die!

Now, why would you EVER want to use the Candle-ona-Stick? Well, because the Flaming Rag Slinger doesn’t make for good stories. And that’s what you’re trying for. You’re trying to accumulate the best record and story, so that when you finally retire you’ll have an easy time finding yourself a wife and believe you me saying, “An’ then I lit the candle, the sounds of the mine shiftin’ an’ the props creakin’ all ’round me, an’ I thrust it forward into the heart of the darkness. There was a moment of silence, then the ROAR of Fire Damp burning hit me, an’ then the BLAST hit me, an’ I was thrown back. But here I am, alive and well.” is quite a bit more interesting to the opposite sex than “I ran back a ways and chucked a burnin’ ball of rags down the tunnel. The explosion barely even reached me.” After all, who wants a SMART mate when you can have a DARING one.

(The idea is vaguely based on the Knocker Men described in the Fifth Elephant by Terry Pratchet. :D)

I (Should) be in!

Posted by (twitter: @@UprightPath)
Monday, December 9th, 2013 4:44 pm

Unlike the last several competitions, I SHOULD be in this time with nothing there to really mess with me. Finals will have finished and I SHOULD have everything turned in. Further, I won’t be house sitting, I don’t believe that I have any engagements (Though I might have guests at some points) that are pressing. I won’t have to worry about the animals I’m taking care of being dehydrated or the dogs getting sick due to age.

Perhaps even¬†more importantly I’ve actually spent some time learning how to work the UI system that I’m planning to use. Most of my prior attempts at the LD have failed due to me not providing a UI which caused them to be more of simulations than actual games. I created a game for an HCI class (Human Computer Interaction) I took this semester and spent a great deal of time learning how the UI system of LibGDX works, even down to splitting their example UI Skin into is component parts so that I can generate my own texture atlases and include it.


Platform: My Dell Laptop (Windows 8, yay)

Language: Java 6 (Targeting Android as well, hopefully)

IDE: Eclipse ADT Verion

Library: LibGDX

Graphics: 2D gimp and paint.net, 3D Blender

Sound: Probably http://www.nosoapradio.us/, http://abundant-music.com/ and SFXR or BFXR

An idea? (And some progress)

Posted by (twitter: @@UprightPath)
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 2:16 am

So, I’d been thinking about many of the other themes and had a few ideas for several of them. This was not one. I know that many people wanted it– obviously– but to me this isn’t really a [b]theme[/b] it’s a mechanic. But enough about that. One of the ideas that I did have– For Evil vs. Evil– was going to have something of a ten second mechanic in it anyway so I decided to go with that. So, here’s the idea!


Aliens vs. Zombies

You are either the Aliens or the Zombies attempting to harvest the human race. Every ten seconds of game play you’re able to provide your side with a set of instructions that will, hopefully, allow them to collect enough humans to win a given game.

As the Aliens you are Research Assistants for a Professor of Human Studies on your planet and you’ve been tasked with collecting as many human specimens as you can before the Zombie outbreak kills them off. Your UFO has the ability to instantly move between points, fry zombies or abduct humans. Being a group of RAs means that you’re pretty lazy, and without your Professor yelling at you, you’ve got no initiative and so after completing a single task you spend the rest of the time slacking off.

As the Zombies you’re just a mindless horde of Zombies. The only control you has is that for every <number> of Zombies you have in your Horde you can set swarming locations that your Zombies will attempt to move towards (Always towards the closest). Since they’re somewhat stupid, they’ll also chase after any human they see, then upon losing sight of them, will return to moving towards the nearest spawn point.


Progress: Little! Beyond deciding on the game play style and some things. Initially had the game based on position Vectors with circular collisions for map Entities (Zombies/Humans) and rectangles for buildings. Decided that this would badly limit some map designs since it’d prevent ‘mazes’ without having hundreds of rectangles for the walls. Instead, I decided to go with a discrete grid map, using a simple Bresenham’s to check LOS for Entities. For maps I’m just going to use a two png style, one that stores map data and one that stores the actual map. If I have time, I might have the maps destructible by the Aliens.

I’m in (Hopefully!)

Posted by (twitter: @@UprightPath)
Friday, August 23rd, 2013 3:35 pm

I’m in and, like usual, I don’t feel that hot about what I’ll be able to get done this weekend. I have a work deadline this coming Monday and my GF’s back in town after a week long work trip so it’s likely that my weekend is going to be eaten away by non-LD stuff. However, I tend to enjoy the mad rush to get things done!


My platform: Eclipse ADT on Windows

My language: Java

My Library: LibGDX

My Art thinger: No clue yet! (Probably paint.net)

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