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We are in!

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Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 10:24 am

Hi there!

We are @ReikVal and @beagleknight and after a few hours of design we are gonna start!

Our idea is simple: You are a monster living in a child’s wardrobe and you want to escape! It’s a stealth game because you are not violent. Your objective is to escape unseen.

We are going to use Phaser 2.4.2 but this time we are trying Typescript :). We are not artist but we are going to try our best!


Lagman – Post mortem

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Sunday, April 26th, 2015 3:41 pm

Introduction and design

This last theme was perfect for us. We started as usual with a brainstorming and we had a lot of crazy ideas but finally we pick one of the craziest @ReikVal ever had: a game about Lagman. Well, he is based on a real person and he is one of the team members.

For @beagleknight, being the original Lagman is a pain on the ass. He plays online games usually between 200 ms and 300 ms of ping and that weekend he was specially lagging for the occasion.

After the brainstorming we designed the game. We wanted to keep it simple so we design a simple platform game where the main character will clear the enemies on each level to complete it. The player will be in constant high ping so his movement must be totally annoying and frustrating. After seeing a lot of comments on our entry with the word “frustrating” it’s clear we achieved the result :D. In the original design of Lagman we thought about four different enemies:

  • Soldier: A simple enemy who shoot randomly. This is the only enemy we included in our submit.
  • Specialist: A faster enemy who uses a melee attack while jumping.
  • Admin server: He can kills you instantly upon seeing you, like he reported you for high ping.
  • Troll: A normal player who is using high latency intentionally with additional software.

We designed different levels for the entry but only included four on the release. On the original design, we designed special zones without lag. In those areas the player would be vulnerable because he cannot kill the enemies having 0 ping. We couldn’t include it on the submit, a pity :(.

What went right

We used Javascript as our programming language choice. This is not our first ludum dare so we have learned programming a game engine from the scratch is the worst idea we ever had on previous jams.

This time we used Phaser.io by @photonstorm and we fell in love very quickly. The game engine is amazing and that’s not because their features or its performance. Phaser has a huge community with a lot of examples and tutorials. That’s awesome!

What went wrong

The f*** lag. Yeah, no kidding. We started a bit late because connection problems and that’s the main reason why we created Lagman so I’m not sure if it’s bad at all :D.

Personal triumph

This is the first LD jam where the team worked outside of their confort zone. In this edition @beagleknight was in charge of the art. He is starting with his tablet and doing his first sketches in years! We think the final result was pretty good after all.

Nowdays @ReikVal is improving his guitar skills very quickly as he demonstrated in this edition as well. He was in charge of the music and he did a splendid job improvising the two main themes for our game and also the special voice for Lagman in the death doors. You can download the music and sound composed for the game here:



We are going to work hard on the following LD editions and we have decided we are going to start using Phaser on our personal projects as well. We love the engine and its community and we think it’s gonna be fun!

Check out our entry here and may the lag be with you!


Some progress

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Sunday, April 19th, 2015 10:32 am



We have created our main character! From our first concept art to that pixel placeholder art (or final art if we ran out of time..). We are using the Phaser framework this time and we are already loving it <3. It’s very ease to use and fast. Finally we can spend more time in other tasks and not creating the wheel again and again.


We have designed our first level without enemies (we are working on it) and it looks awesome :D, take a loot at this vine: https://twitter.com/ReikVal/status/589724681382539264

The lag mechanic is ready, very random for now and difficult to play. We are going to spend more time on this after we have implemented some enemies and ending conditions.

See ya!

Hello world!

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Saturday, April 18th, 2015 9:07 am

Hi there!

We are Reiknight, formerly known as Ultraval or just as ultrayoshi and Reikval team… whatever xD

So.. an unconventional weapon, uh? We just ended our brainstorming session and we choose one of the craziest ideas we ever had. Our player is Lagman, a superheroe who cannot play online games properly because he is well.. lagging a lot!

Our hero will kill their enemies just moving through them. Lagman kills his enemies ocuppying the same position as them because they explode from the inside! Well, that’s the main idea we are just working on the game design 😀

Have fun!

Hello World!

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Saturday, April 26th, 2014 11:34 am

Hi Everyone!

We are UltraVal or in other words @ultrayoshi and @ReikVal (original, uh?). We are very excited with the theme this edition and we almost finished the brainstorming and started coding.

About the tools and programming language, we are giving a try to the Python language and the Pygame library. Learning new languages and tools are very useful for future developments. Also we are trying to finish a playable game with basic features at least. If we have time we are going to develop more cool features to the game :).

The game itself it’s very simple: collect money without dying.

The brief story: you are an adventurer and as usual very poor. Everyone wants money so you heard somewhere beneath the surface there are lots of treasures and jewels. Equipped with your grandfather’s pickaxe you are going to explore dangerous caves and collect lots of money!

Basic game mechanics:

– Explore beneath the surface with your pickaxe and discover treasures.

– Randomly a huge earthquake makes lava appear on the screen and you must return quickly to the surface.

– Improve your equipement on the shop  and buy useful resources.

We are trying to develop a crossover between minecraft and spelunky.

Good luck everyone!

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