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13 year old game hobbyist. Basically program in all my freetime. I got to a boarding school but i dont board so i have saturday school and stay till lk 7 each night*moans*


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My First 3D game!!! MINI LD 40

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Saturday, February 23rd, 2013 1:48 pm


MiniLD 40. Wow i am very proud of the effects of my obviously insane shader programming…. ;).  So i started programming a lwjgl enginee a few months ago and decided to try and finally write my first 3d game.  having decided to create my own engine instead of using ogre3d or something has been extremly funn.  For example i wrote my own thing that when it makes a triangle for your 3d shape(everything is made of them) it creates a texture atlas which stores all of the shapes img data which was pretty funn although how useful idk maybe one day ill make it so you can draw on them ;D boring stuff anyway ive made this litle scene which im pretty proud of having only lindtt rabbits with phong shading before :p So i was thinking it would just be an experience game where you kind of just walk around but its not rlly a game so i will think of some game mechanic tomorrow*yawn* oo my collision is appaliing, can any one tell me how bad an octree of AABB’s is ? i couldnt get OBB’s to work… something about SAT which was too complicated for me right now any help appreciatedd.  Also my shader “thing” turned out okay kind of wacky thing, all the graphical glitches are from me overlapping rectangless and cba to fix it right now.  But my first 3d ‘game’ neverthless and i hope i turn it into a game tomorrow.  Well after rugby in the freezingg ,ooo i feel for the frenchh today but england played some outstanding rugby in parts. Below is some more pictures of stuff i made my thing do earlier developing it and the triangle thing.

generating texture atlas for each object

generating texture atlas for each object


start of my gui thing, there was text on it *facepalm* ill fix that glitch after this and make it work and look nice. You can resize it btw its not just a box.

start of my gui thing, there was text on it *facepalm* ill fix that glitch after this and make it work and look nice. You can resize it btw its not just a box.


.obj loader which is what i use to save and load my cubes in my game

.obj loader which is what i use to save and load my cubes in my game

Finished :D

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Sunday, December 16th, 2012 4:14 pm

So the thing is im kind of happy i finished a game because after the first one i didnt want it to just be a one off.  So that was an achievment now if i keep going i can say i have done every LD since my first :p.  And it was my first scrolling game ever.  On a side note of achievments… we(the team) won 52-8 against Guildfordians which is good to know we can comfartably beat one of the worst in this league ;D.  However there were a few pointers to improve on next time.  They are that i should plan time for making more content so it isnt 2 levels -_-.   I should also spend the few days before working out how LWJGL appletloader works on dropbox instead of drawing 😀 mwhaha yes i made a simple engine tried for 30mins to get it online (appletloader) but then said hey ill do it on sunday when i have tonnes of time after finishing my 5000mb game ;). So i feel very bad after reading that guy who wanted everything online or something because if id have spent a whole day working it out maybe i would have a web link instead of just LINUX/MAC/WINDOWS.  But hey ho html is boring if you know almost none compared to glsl and lindtt rabbits ;D.LD25secondaryhere it is, my game as you can the 6 supposed enemies and levels werent created instead only 2 levels but there is always next time.  And wow the background is horrible… game dev art …………………

Day 1 – Shader Setup :p

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Saturday, December 15th, 2012 12:23 pm

So far all you can do is place crabs and undead snakes and they run around alot and fall.  But it is meant to be a tower defense where the hero will come in and try to defeat all your minions to get to the end while you get money etc  I’m so slow its my second game ever and everyone else is rushing ahead of me 😉 ahh its fine its so much fun love ludum dare ;D hope it gets finished tomorrow.  The name is misleading because i haven’t even had time to change the title from my 3d lwjgl stuff ;).

Here it is

Here it is

I’m in

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Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 5:55 am

i made a little 2d lwjgl base game (just in case ;))  my warmup game. But i hope to make another game after my LD24 attempt (:


Code : Java

Libraries: lwjgl

Graphics: gimp/photoshop

Sounds: sfxr


goodluck everyone :)

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