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Oko Furia – postmortem

Posted by (twitter: @tselmek)
Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015 4:23 pm

Second Ludum Dare and first postmortem, let’s do this!
This Ludum Dare was one hell of a blast, can’t wait for LD34! 😀
If you haven’t got the chance to play our game, feel free to check it out HERE!
Last LD I set myself a goal that was to focus on player inputs and replayability (and feedbacks a bit), so feel free to tell me if I suceeded or not.
For the next LD, my goal will probably be to focus on a little bit more complex mechanics and level design.

= What went right =

  • Scope: Scoped small enough to polish the game a bit more and not to drop major features.
  • Audio: Mike Daw did a dang amazing job, the sound effects and soundtrack are pretty intense.
  • Idea and Design: I found the theme not really inspiring but thanks to Mike Daw’s ideas, we got something cool up and running pretty quickly.
  • Programming: The base code didn’t take a billion years to make, so it was easier to polish and tweak the details afterwards.
  • Organisation: I was never too distracted from my main tasks until they were done, which is good because I’m very easily distr– oh, a butterfly!
  • Polish: The name’s in polish, what do you want more? 😉

= What went (entirely or slightly) wrong =

  • Dropped features: We originally planned on adding little soldier dudes shooting at you and some blood explosion when they’d get eaten by the monster but it didn’t make the cut.
  • Art: As i’m not an artist, I took quite a chunk of time to make the art assets and didn’t have time to polish everything on that side. The monster was supposed to have wings and body parts, along with animations; the bullets are just yellow squares; there’s no intro, title or game over screen.
  • Gamejolt leaderboard: Lost a bit of time trying to figure out gamejolt leaderboard but ended up giving up on the idea as it would be too long to implement.
  • Flappy Bird: The game turned out to have a Flappy Bird feel to it which wasn’t intended at first as we were trying to have more of a Canabalt feel. In a sense, it’s not a bad thing as some of the feedbacks said that it was “Flappy Bird with a twist”.
  • Particles: I first thought I would mess around with GameMaker’s particle effects for explosions, fire, blood, smoke etc but like the Gamejolt leaderboard, I should’ve messed around with it before the LD., whoops.
  • Flap mechanic: The flapping mechanic seems to have felt a bit clunky to some of the players and I’ll agree that it does feel way better with thinner keyboard keys.

So here you go, overall I think this game is of a way better quality than my last entry (at least to me) and it sure does encourage me to keep on entering game jams. :)

Cheers jammers (if you’ve got the guts to read this whole thing)!

Tselmek out!

Oko Furia is up, and that means buildings are going to get smashed!

Posted by (twitter: @tselmek)
Monday, August 24th, 2015 6:08 pm

Hey guys, Mike Daw and I have finally released our entry! Make sure to check it out and rate it, it’d be really appreciated! Play it here!

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