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The Grand Carpet Hotel – One week after

Monday, April 27th, 2015 4:24 pm

Hello everyone,


One week after the game jam, time has come to do the WHAT WENT GOOD / WHAT WENT BAD post.

We were a team of five, working from Paris, France. Our game is The Grand Carpet Hotel, and you are gladly invited to play and rate it. (disclaimer: unconventionnal weapon > CARPETS !)





Capture d’écran 2015-04-27 à 23.15.41


Play The Grand Carpet Hotel 



  • We finished the game, and I think every member of the team thought we couldn’t do it :)
  • We were a team of five, and for four of us it was our first game and first Ludum dare. We never worked together before and I think we did a good job.
  • A friend of us was supposed to make the music, but he had a problem with his computer and we never received his contribution. But one hour before the end of the jam we’ve done some music very quickly, and some people seems to like it.
  • We all learned how to use new tools (phaser, graphics gale, tiled, git), and that’s some time we’ve gained for next jams.
  • We have a complete game, with a start screen, tutorial, dialogues and 6 levels. That’s a lot more than what we thought we could do.
  • My computer didn’t crash! It crashes 2 or 3 times a day when I’m at home, and for the jam it worked like a charm.



  • We had two very little laptops, one old laptop, and one desktop computer. It’s very hard to work on a small laptop, both for coding or doing graphics, and we had to switch from computers to computers to work.
  • We used Git for the first time, and it worked fine until a member of our team had a problem and lost some work at the middle of the jam. We didn’t know how it happened and because we didn’t want to see the same thing happenning again, we simply stopped using Git. At the very end of the jam, we were transfering files with usb disks from computers to computers. It took a lot of time and was very stressful. Next time, we’ll stick with Git.
  • Our first prototype came very lately. So we didn’t test and play it enough, and we could have make better commands.
  • We didn’t prepare ourselves. We learned a few tools, but we could have take that time a week or two before.


We’re working on a post mortel version of The Grand Carpet Hotel, with a better gameplay and a many many levels. Stay tuned !


Play The Grand Carpet Hotel 



Monday, April 20th, 2015 8:51 pm

Hello all,

Finally done ! We have submitted our game based on the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson.

You play a bell boy trying make your way in the greatest hotel in the world.

Your unconvetionnal weapon is: CARPETS ! WAVING CARPETS  ! Use it against your colleagues but don’t bother customers.


Click here to play and vote


We are happy to have made great graphics, quick music and some levels.

We wish we had more time to add more levels, floors, enemies behaviors and more more fun story.

We were five, and for four of us it was our first Ludum Dare, so we are very very happy to have finish a playable game.

Thank you for organizing this !




PS: Great bug, when you lose, the music continues, and a new one begins.


GrandCarpetHotel1 GrandCarpetHotel2 GrandCarpetHotel3





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