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My Version of the “Warmup Weekend”

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Monday, August 19th, 2013 11:21 pm

Hello there :) I’m still a student of age 19, but I think I’m already inspired enough to go into the game dev industry. As part of preparing for LD27 (and also for filling up my resume,) I continued development for one of my game projects. I call it “The Game of Life.”

No, the title doesn’t refer to the board game of the same name. Rather, it’s actually related to J.H. Conway’s Game of Life (the cellular automata one.) Since I only found one game (so far) based on Conway’s Game of Life, I might as well make one that is interesting.

I think I already spent around a month in this game (mostly spare time), including graphics and sound.

I’ve used SFXR, Game Maker 8[trial], and PxTone Collage to make this game.

However, the Warmup Weekend post said
“Make something that should take “hours”, not 2 days,”
I think it’d be improper for me to submit a 1-month game project in the submisions page.

Well, hope you’ll like my game! :)


v1.0 still in progress, but the current version is already playable.

Glider-chan in the background. I'm planning to add her in future releases.

Glider-chan in the background. I’m planning to add her in future releases.

The Game of Life gameplay

How to Play:
Everytime the board stops moving, you can place tiles.
Be careful not to waste your tiles, or the game is over.
Scores depend on the rarity of the resulting figures.

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