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Super Seed Reborn

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Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 11:10 am


Hi guys! Here is my game for my first Ludum Dare: Super Seed Reborn. It would be amazing if you could try it and give me some feedback!!  :)

The game is not completed yet at all but the core mechanic is there. The game was created using Unreal Engine 4 becaused I wanted to try Paper2D and UMG features. I have to say that Unreal Engine 2D tools work pretty well.

– Description –
You are a young farmer, you live taking care of your seeds, some badass devil enemis, want to stole your seeds. Protect them!!!!! Water them and they will help you defeat your enemies!!!!






-Game Mechanics-

  • You have unlimited water shoots. You use them to kill your enemies (You shoot water using left click)
  • You have dfferent kind of seeds that you can select and shoot to the ground of your game (if you shoot seeds you can’t shoot water). Also, seeds does not affect enemies.
  • When seeds are on the ground you can water them using Right mouse button.
    You have a limited amount of this water (in the HUD there is a bar that indicates your water level). You have to go to the pool to recharge your water.
  • When one enemy is killed, after X seconds (random number) they disappear and drop a seed
  • When you water your seeds they gain experience and they level up. When they are in their maximum level they do some action.
  • At this moment we have green seeds (when they are at level 3 they give you a flower, the money of your game) and red seeds (when they are at level 3 they explode and kill near enemies).
  • In the future, before starting a level, you will have an inventory where you will be able to select the kind of seeds that you want to use in your game (depending of the level you will have to use one types or seeds to achieve the maximum score).
  • The idea of the game is that using flowers you can buy in the shop and improve your seeds and your weapon. And the final objective is to achieve the maximum points as possible in each level. Also, you will be able to make combos if you kill a enemies in an small amount of time (you win points when you kill enemies).


– Objective of the game –
Have fun :-P. Achieve the maximum score killing your enemies.

Left Mouse Button: Shoot water
1, 2, 3 keys: Change Seed Types ( 1 = Water Shoot, 2 = Green Seed, 3 = Red Seed)
Right Mouse Button: Use water
Escape: Pause Game

– Unimplemented stuff that affects jugability (all this will be fixed in future versions) –
-Enemies appear with a same rate no matter how much time you play
– No combos
– No shop
– Only two kind of seeds
– Much more things

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