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Posted by (twitter: @AsidikGames)
Thursday, May 1st, 2014 7:40 am



This was our second LD Jam, and Ill have to be honest, I really didn’t dig the theme.

Life doesn’t always give you the lemons that you want, but that’s half the fun, trying to think of an idea that would be fun to create.


So we made Somalia, a very relaxed ship sailing/combat game, where you have to get from A-B, whilst not getting destroyed by the enemy ships and monsters that lurk beneath the surface.  There is no end to the game, so you can play it for eternity as levels are generated on the fly.  I quite like just having the world open and watching the day/night cycle, I promise its not me being narcissistic!


Macs seem to have a problem running this, I think the framerate is getting locked to something strange, which messes with the physics, but I don’t have one myself, so I cant see whats going on to fix, so please check out the video if you cant play it as it should be played!




Thanks LD for another fun weekend!

One Hot Potato, 1 day left! Jammmmmm

Posted by (twitter: @AsidikGames)
Sunday, December 15th, 2013 5:23 pm



A level with debug

Here are some screenies of our progress on One Hot Potato, the fast paced, one weapon, potato spectacular.  With 4 way local brawling deathmatches, and hopefully support for games over the net and if there is time AI. (being worked on by a magician)  Keyboard + controller support, we have been testing on 360 controllers to play 4 person free for all.

We’ve been streaming progress on http://www.twitch.tv/asidikgames for the time that we have been awake, and will be continuing to do so for the last 24 hours!

Some deets:


Using LibGdx as our core framework, and esotericsoftware’s 2d skeletal animation software: Spine.

We also sacrificed many orphans.



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