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So after my LD game “Reindeers on Strike”, I like most others, made a post compo version. Eventually it turned into an actual all be it very short. The main struggle when turning an LD game into a releasable game is how scrappy everything is. The code had to be rewritten completly at least twice because of how bad it was. Some of the code was hardcoded and very hack-y but it did the job. The art wasn’t that hard to re-do as all I had to do was touch it up and clean it a bit. Most of it was useable, saying that I did re-do it but that was for an entirely different reason. The main game mechanics (which hardly existed in the LD game) where drastically changed once the code and art was changed, this was expected but I didn’t think it would change so much. The game now only has a few basic ideas which remain; the artstyle the main character and the secondary character but not much else. Saying this I had a lot of fun making both the games even if they didn’t turn out as expected.

The game is below if you want to check it out.



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Some spoiled brats want to steal your presents, kill them with the help of your trusted elf, Bernard, who will give you a new weapon when you need more bullets to put in those stinking rascals’ skulls.

Winner of absolutely no awards, this game is a short, fun, slightly-on-the-verge-of-inappropriate-for-the-internet type game with the theme of the festive season. Raving reviews include:

“I feel sick from the screenshake, but I’m killing innocent kids so I should feel sick I guess”

Reindeers On Strike

So I was late to the party and only decided to start on my Ludum Dare game on Sunday evening, I had been busy all weekend. I knew I didn’t have much time so I went for the Jam even though I was by myself and would’ve qualified for the Compo. Because of the time constraints my game has loads of bugs and aspects which I have clearly cut corners. But despite this I am happy with the outcome. I have managed to get a small buggy game working.

I chose to make a 2D shooter because I have done it before and it would save time. Christmas is just around the corner so it was a favourite in terms of game ideas, and who doesn’t love a violent santa?

The game itself has got pretty good overall reviews and considering the time put in to it I am very happy with the result. The game functions which is a miracle in itself. On top of that with (good) music, (good) art it really looks like a game.

I am quite proud of it and to answer the question, yes it is possible to make a game in 8 hours. Whether or not it is good, thats for you to decide.

Link to game page

The Wild West and its’ Living Fossils

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 6:00 am

Main menu

Hi, this was my first Ludum dare and I have learnt a lot. I tried to make a game with both multiplayer and singleplayer but due to the time limit I don’t think the multiplayer works (I’m not sure I haven’t really tested it out). There is probably a huge list of bugs but oh well, can’t do any thing about it now. The game was originally supposed to be dinosaur riding cowboys vs bandits but ended up changing. In the end I managed to implement:

  • Day/Night and weather
  • Player customisation
  • Singleplayer
  • (Multiplayer?)

Anyway it was great fun and I will be sure to participate in the next one as well work on my project a little more. Maybe next time I will try to be less ambitious. Here is the link to play the game.

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