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First LD postmortem.

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Monday, April 30th, 2012 4:58 am



i finally decided to write a little postmortem of my first LD experience. I will do a classic “what went right” and at the opposite, “what went wrong”.

What went right?


The coolest part to write : )


  • I found an idea quite quickly. I did not start to write code like crazy at the early minutes, i took times to think about a cool idea to not realize at the middle of the compo: “ho god… this concept sux and does not fit and i don’t have enough time to do something else…”. So i think i acted pretty wisely (at least for this part of the work).
  • I love game development and i do some little game since few years, i usually work with Python/Pygame (cause i love Python sooo much) but i’m, most of times, focused on the programming part, not on graphics. So, to be honest, i was afraid to think i will have to do my own graphics… FROM SCRATCH! And regarding this¬†apprehension i had on making graphics by myself, i’m pretty glad of what i did. I think i was able to communicate the mood of the game i imagined through the graphics (even if they are really simple, pixel art blablabla).


What went wrong?


Of course for a first LD, there are things that i did wrong. Obviously!


  • Bad management of Sleeping/Working time. I don’t really know how to express it properly but, i really think my organization was so wrong concerning my sleep times. I will not over extend myself to much on this part but i will definitively think of how i could optimize this for the next event : ) I think my dad was right: “Les heures avant minuit comptent double.”
  • Worked with the company of others people. For some people i think it’s perfectly fine. To me… it was not smart at all. I was able to stay focused more that 15 minutes… needed to stand up, walk around, ask people some dump questions: “what are you doing?”, “can i see it working?”, “where did you buy your t shirt?”. Next compo, i think i will just buy lot of foods and stay at home in my room avoiding all human contacts : D. No seriously… i need to work my focusing ability… i have this problem since my first hours of school.




So. To conclude. I’m pretty glad of my work for my first LD event but definitively need to work on some details for the next time. I will of course continue doing some games with time restriction to train myself and try correct the points i mentioned in the above part. This experience was awesome anyway and i don’t regret to have lost my LD virginity and i hope i will do better the next time!

Big kiss to all the people who submitted for the LD because indie game development is awesome and because YOU are awesome!




PS: You can check out my game here : http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-23/?action=preview&uid=12915


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