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Wednesday, April 24th, 2013 11:28 pm


  1. Plant potatoes… check
  2. Sorta-finish my HTML5 game engine… check
  3. Write game in 48 hours………

This is my second LD. Last time I worked with a team of 4 and it worked out great, but being our first team project and our first sizable HTML5 game, we barely made it. Those guys are all busy now but I’ve got a few HTML5 games under my belt, so I think I can handle the 48hr solo compo.

I’m using LD26 as motivation to finish the 2D vector sidescroller engine I started in October, inspired by Synfig Animation Studio, featuring large smoothly-animated cartoon characters. It uses HTML5 Canvas graphics, and ultimately WebGL *if* I can first make a compelling game with it! In accordance with the 48hr compo rules, I’m uploading it to github now… feel free to use it if you’re freaking insane.


Tools I expect to use:

  • My homebrewed v2engine and maybe vsprite if I get around to WebGL
  • JQuery
  • Chrome, Firefox, Safari?, PHP, NodeJS
  • Linux
  • Geany, Vim
  • Gimp, Inkscape, v2engine character modeler
  • Audacity, QTractor

I’m also entering Suese’s Black Box Challenge …unless it’s “anything but a sidescroller, dear god!!!”

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