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Things are wrapping up with the thing we’ve been doing.

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Monday, December 16th, 2013 2:37 pm

Welcome to crunch time, boys and girls. Final hours, final touches. Everything’s coming together nicely, and it more or less works as a thing now. More or less. Just working on polishing up now, really, and then we have a release. All in all, it’s been relatively painless, and only about half of us broke down into hysterics, and only once or twice.


More or less done here, all the assets and stuff exist now, just need to actually put everything together, merge it with the code and BOOM. A game happens. Which is kind of what we want, so yay. SB

.Screenshot LoadingFinished

PROGRESS. We have enemies, of a sort, an actual (untextured) background, the power-ups actually do something now, and things are actually starting to take shape, very minor illness on the part of yours truly aside and the project is starting to look like there’s been some work put in. Next up, we need to work on texturing and getting some nice resident white boy to play that funky music. Making the enemies look like ships rather than cubes would be something nice to do too, and of course, the epic finale needs constructing.


Background Wave-Force

Things are happening to the thing we’re doing.

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Saturday, December 14th, 2013 1:48 pm

I smell progress. We’ve actually got gameplay and everything. Granted, it doesn’t exactly look pretty, but it is technically a game, with flying around, and shooting and pickups, all that good stuff.  Once the kinks are all ironed out in the gameplay, and we actually have PROPERLY functional enemies, we can actually start making it look nice, and sound nice, and in general BE nice. Also need to work on the mechanics of the bomb itself, but things are actually coming together.



We’re doing a thing.

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Saturday, December 14th, 2013 7:56 am

So, we’re in on this, making something for the jam. Working through Unity, Maya, Blender and Magix MX Premium, we’re hoping to create a hectic and climactic battle scene in which you must guide your spaceship through a battlefield, in order to save the universe or something (plot in the works) by destroying the ship heading up the invasion of the planet by firing an uber-powerful explosive into a weakspot. No prizes for guessing how many bombs you have available, and even reaching the ship won’t be easy, we kind of want things to actually feel like the desperate final battle, and those are never easy. Early days yet, due to some delays in starting up, but we’re optimistic thus-far.

spaceship1 spaceship2 SB


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