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What have I done…

Posted by (twitter: @TinyGolem)
Thursday, April 25th, 2013 2:35 am

… is probably what I’ll be thinking half way through the weekend.

Why did I join is crazy thing?
I have a mission this year and that is to become a Indie Games Developer that can live from it. This requires among many other things practice and what better way to get it than by joining a LD!  So joining LD  (for the first time) is going to (hopefully) be a awesome, crazy and highly sleep deprived learning experience. :)

Country: Germany

– Unity
-VS 2012
– Paint.net
– Gimp
– Inkscape
– Alarm clock, placed 5m away… with a 30 min timer 😛

See you all later and good luck for your LD projects !

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