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Suddenly I am living in another country. Writing. Publishing. Tending the garden, harvesting crops e.g playing Hay Day (or Farmville) IRL! I have always been an artist, writer, musician, then actor and finally writer again. I have always had dream-jobs, getting payed to play games and make them. I can't complain, heh...


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Divorce: The Aftermath – navigation done, onwards to gameplay

Posted by (twitter: @RankoTrifkovic)
Sunday, December 11th, 2016 9:01 am



I always forget how labor intensive it is to work alone, get all the ui, all the navigation, all the assets done on the go… However it is finished, everything is set and gameplay is ready to be implemented. Now off to cook lunch and then onwards to gameplay!

Yea, the game and story is lame, didn’t have any other inspiration but to write a game about myself, being sad, depressed and nostalgic, living at computer never leaving that one room. Not too original, but I hope to make up for it in emotional impact…

Blame it on the Aliens (Post mortem)

Posted by (twitter: @RankoTrifkovic)
Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 3:06 am

This was different kind of jam for me. For starters I didn’t work alone. Which made the jam that more awesome.

My partner was Rastko (rastko96), 18 year old high-school student from small rural township. We met at local game dev meeting I organized. He complained that he can’t get together a consistent team, that most of his projects ends up half-done as his friends lose interest due to protracted timelines connected to game development. So I was very happy to be in position to help him finish this one and though the game needs more work, we did it! We managed to complete the game. 

“You deal with gameplay, and I’ll do the rest!” shouted my young Jedi-developer and jumped into the fray.


What went good

We didn’t spend too much time on brainstorming. Rastko and I were already discussing a similar project and this jam’s topic fit our idea like a glove. So basically, we decided to create a prototype for our next ‘real’ game using this jam as training grounds. Also, while we talked about many possible game projects, this was our first opportunity to actually collaborate.

Working with someone skilled is also a big boon for the project. We didn’t lose time trying to find solutions. Yea the game is hacked, but it was done few hrs before deadline…

I loved the cartoony shader Rastko implemented, as well as his models, and he loved my crazy voice-acting for Alien… I think it’s important that you care about skills and work of your partner. It makes jamming more pleasant with thrill of doing things right amplified by your team’s glorious effort…

Otherwise, things went rather smooth, we more or less implemented what we desired. Game is quirky so requires from player to be alert, perceptive and clever. There is game within a game, sort of meta-message, so we added WTF section to help fellow jammers and judges to get into the groove of our piece. I believe that games can be powerful tool in learning about the world, powerful way to send a message. Yea, sometimes my game design suffers from such ambitious plan, but this time I think I pushed the envelope closer than in any previous jam…

What went wrong

Aside of quite obvious, the polish and some sort of tutorial, our game didn’t suffer from any serious setbacks. Yes, there were things we meant to implement like more complex eco-system with visible creatures living an dying in the World of Floating Islands, also we wanted to implement AI aliens that would be greedy so player would need to defend his ‘roid fields from attackers, but you can’t have it all…

Not much else went wrong… just little bits that add up… like spending too much time animating and modeling alien and his ship… being too lazy to change bits and pieces that would make the whole look better… losing internet connection 1 hr before deadline… you know the usual crap…

Bonus Like

I always adore that moment when you spot a game very similar to your own, yet very different in the same time, so shout-out to JetL33t for their piece!!!

Stay cool

R&R (Rastko & Ranko)

Ecology and Beyond

Posted by (twitter: @RankoTrifkovic)
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 9:04 pm

Hi folx,

I am back with a zany little game that is creeping out of control. My desire, for some time now, is to make game in which ecology will be part of the gameplay/mechanics and this theme gave me the chance to try it out. With my multitalented friend (aweseome 3D artist and progammer) we will try to create little game with (let’s hope) big message.



We are making it for the Jam and this screen captures (more or less) our progress. We might end up with little alien guy and cute animations, but no world(s) for him to act as his playground, so wish us luck!

Rastko (FlyAgaric) & Ranko (tigerrenko)

Supermarket Challenge – Post Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @RankoTrifkovic)
Monday, April 28th, 2014 3:50 pm

Hi I’m Ranko and I made Supermarket Challenge.


The good

– Well. I finished the game.  Again! Woo hoo!

– I did everything on my own, brushing up my Ren’Py as I went along.

– Bah, not much else I’m afraid. I would like to think that my take on the topic was uncommon, but I guess I could’ve gone deeper if I had prepared better…

The bad

– Again, I had only 6 hrs to finish the game due to excessive ammount of fidgeting with choice of engine (MF2? Construct2? unity/playmaker? RenPy?)

– Ideas I had in mind required me to have better understanding of how engines work and/or how code works. I tried to adapt some examples but failed miserably.

– Finally when I married idea with my actual skills (well I had to bump them up somewhat, which wasn’t all that bad) the clock ticked away and I had time to finish only first of ten chapters I’ve envisioned.

– No music. Music is good. Sadly, no time.



“You Only Get One Derpina” post mortem

Posted by (twitter: @RankoTrifkovic)
Friday, December 20th, 2013 8:04 am

Hi I’m Ranko and I made YOGO Derpina



The Good

The game made people laugh. We have this expression ‘vesela‘ which roughly means ‘merry‘ it’s sort of internal joke among my crew, meaning that one of the most important attributes of a game is to radiate merry feelings, to be uplifting and charming in that intangible way that pertains to a product weather its poorly or greatly made.

Solo. I made it in under 6 hrs after 48hrs of fiddling with bugs and real life.

No coding. I haven’t the faintest about coding, scripting and the such. Yet thanx to the software I used, game was still made!

Deeper than expected. While my intention was to show simple life’s truth in allegoric game, strategies players employed show emergent paralells between this game and reality. Some players tried to push Derpina in the corner, but as in love you can’t treat your partner like that. You have to deal with her problems, not push her away. As in life, this strategy proves fatal, because balls bouncing ricochet off Derpina much more, bringing downfall to the easy way out. As in love, in this game you have to give it your full attention and full effort.


The Bad

Features lost. Trying to fix the bugs and failing at that cost me more than 48hrs so many features were cut off, making the game a bit plain. Some complained about it being too easy, and yea I could have made more levels or thought of more features (like Derpina moving around by herself). I also wanted to make silver and golden balls change roles as decoy and real thing depending on conversatino you wuold have with Derpina before each level. Ah well… it goes to “Derpina 2 The Return of Derpina” files I guess…

Interaction. As a writer (my primary skill) I tend to rely on the power of words much too often. Games are about interaction and ideas are much better communicated in exchange between the player and the game. Again, if I would have more time I’d make nice interactive intro, maybe an interactive tutorial or smthg.

No web version. Alas lack of coding skills means I had to rely on dev app’s only export feature – Windows (.exe). Would have been nice to have at least Flash version as well…

Kind regards, see you next time,


Hallo world!

Posted by (twitter: @RankoTrifkovic)
Monday, December 16th, 2013 5:21 pm

I have no clue about programming.

No idea about graphic art (in fact I have 10 thumbs)

Only thing I have is some writing skills and desire to make games.

So I got MF2 and fiddled with some tutorials trying to figure out how to put together a simple game. I failed miserably. My ‘game’ was full of unexplicable bugs which is quite a feat considering that MF2 is really easy to use and friendly to beginners with lots of support. So today, just 8 hrs before deadline I started all over again.

And I did it!

“You only get one” for me immediately was about love. Boys or girls come and go, but you only get that one special someone. Around them you are derp. Maybe they are derp or derpina, but they are the special nonetheless. This game, dedicated to my wife, my favorite and only Derpina is about protecting those you love. They might have their own quirks, they might be scared of threats real or imaginary. But you have to be there, defend them and make your best effort, no matter what.

I hope game brings you some laughs and maybe a silent nod when you realize how important is to keep our Derps or Derpinas safe…


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