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Posted by
Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 4:41 pm

I made a video playthrough of my game! The audio is pretty bad cos I has a cold, and my mic is maybe broken, I dunno.

You can check out the game itself over here, it’s a bossrush game. Nine bosses in total, can you defeat them all? Find out: Deicide!

And here’s vid, I beat every boss in the game in the video, so if you don’t want that spoiled, go check out the game first :)

Space Gate Command

Posted by
Monday, September 1st, 2014 7:25 am

I made a video of my game: Youtube

It’s a Stargate fangame heavily inspired/ripping off X-Com: Enemy Unknown 😀
Instead of investigating crash sites, fighting aliens and stealing their tech to research, you go through the Space Gate, fight Goa’uld and Jafa, steal their tech to research… you run a Space Gate base, managing staff, resources, weapons, then dial up a planet on the Space Gate, go through and fight some aliens in a turn based tactical combat game 😀

A lot of things were cut, I intended the various alien metals to actually act as a resource (ie: you need $5k + 2 Naquadah to make a staff weapon) but I didn’t have time to implement that, so you just need to research the staff weapon + naquadah, then you can buy staff weapons just with your money. The ‘Staff’ units don’t do anything, they were going to maintain the base, run the cafeteria etc. but now they just consume your funds 😛 I wanted to be able to train more than one unit at a time, and pick what exactly they are training in (earth weapons/goa’uld weapons/generic training/etc), I wanted to have some random invasions where if the goa’uld reach the surface elevator you lose (there are invasions currently, but they only happen if you go through the gate and get a random event, and it doesn’t have that lose condition), I wanted to have a way of storing which planets you have visited so that each planet’s dial code would be the seed to generate that planet – which I did implement, but as I had no way of storing which ones you had visited, you could just find a resource-heavy planet and spam farm it – so I just made the planet dial random seeds. Mostly, I wanted way more variation in what kind of planets you visit, and the things you encounter there. Right now, all you can encounter are:

  • Fight goa’uld and jaffa
  • Find ancient ruins + resources
  • Find and recruit a rebel Jaffa
  • Space Gate Command gets invaded
  • I wanted to have villages that would trade resources, villages that ask for your help in defending from an incoming attack, more variety in aliens (Unas etc), all that kind of stuff. And the level generation is kind of meh right now, very wide open spaces and not a whole lot of variety. All could have been better, but time limits 😛
    Also I guess the medkit/shield/hand device/cloak could be implemented a lot better. Ideally they would give you extra commands you could perform instead of just attacking, but given the time restraints I had to just make them function automatically, which isn’t so great.
    (edit: also obviously, better graphics/sounds/music would have been good, but I knew from the start I wouldn’t get to those…)

    You can play my entry here: Link

    Changing results?

    Posted by
    Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 4:06 am

    So… I stupidly didn’t take a screenshot at the time, so I have no proof of anything, it’s possible I am just having faulty memory… but I’m as certain as I can be without proof that something weird happened here.
    On the day of the results, I am sure that I got ranked somewhere in the top #50 in theme, around 44 or something, with a 4.0 star average. I mentioned this to someone, as it was the first time I had got any main LD entry into the top 50.

    However now when I check my results, they are:
    #59 Theme 3.95
    #103 Mood 3.73
    #299 Innovation 3.44
    #342 Audio 3.10
    #508 Overall 3.22
    #587 Fun 2.98
    #679 Humor 2.27
    #706 Graphics 2.93

    It’s not a big deal of course, not like I was knocked out of the top 25 or anything, which would have been AGH, but… odd. Are the results kind of unreliable in the first 12 hours of them going live or something? Anyone else experienced this?

    Seems this was a fix made on day one of results, so the newer scores are the correct ones. So… that clears that up. yay?!

    Nereids’ Sea Gameplay

    Posted by
    Sunday, May 4th, 2014 9:17 am

    Made some gameplay footage of my game above. Check out my game here: Nereids’ Sea

    post mortem-y thing
    So overall I’m kind of happy with how the game came out. I wanted to use the Ludum Dare to do some Unity practice and create a better game than my last Unity entry and on that ground, I think I succeeded 😛 There are things I would have liked to add, I think being able to look down and see your feet would have been a nice touch, the various structures you can find could have had better textures, I considered randomizing the treasure’s location etc but everything important made it into the game I think.

    Ideally the AI would be very different, but I’m not too used to Unity so I stuck with something simple that I knew I could get done in the time limit. So the monster AI is kind of like a T-Rex/Enderman fusion. If you look at them, they become alert – and at that point, if you move, they attack you, so you have to wait for them to swim away. If I had more time I would have tried to make them scout around for you, and you would have to hide from them by keeping your distance or hiding behind any of the weird structures you can find at the bottom of the sea. This would have necessitated some kind of radar system though, to ensure they couldn’t sneak up on you unaware unfairly, and I wasn’t confident about getting anything like that working in the time limit.

    Based on feedback, if I was doing this again I would have added some kind of checkpoint system. I thought it was short enough I wouldn’t need to, but it is very slow paced, so I can see that was the wrong call. Having some kind of checkpoint structure/item would have also given the player something extra to look around for, so definitely would have been the right thing. Ah well 😛

    End of day one

    Posted by
    Saturday, April 26th, 2014 4:56 pm

    No game name yet. I decided to use this as an opportunity to go out of my comfort zone and do something in Unity again. I actually managed to get all the game mechanics coded today except an ending and a title screen, so tomorrow will be mostly spent on graphics 😀

    You have to find a treasure hidden somewhere among some strange ruins at the bottom of the sea, while avoiding hostile creatures that don’t like you intruding on their waters.

    Raider of Rombs

    Posted by
    Monday, March 24th, 2014 4:31 am

    Finished my entry Link.

    I was way too ambitious and thought I would get all the Peru stages demade + mansion. Luckily I did consider that this might be absurd, so I started with the best level, The Lost Valley, and it is complete, more or less. Didn’t have time to really polish the graphics so kind of wish I had went with an even simpler look, but ah well. Also I spent more time than necessary on some things that ended up not even being used in this particular level, like the pushable crates aren’t really necessary..

    But it should all work, you can get from the start to finish (the Lost Valley part starts after the initial tutorial caves) and there are three super hidden pieces of the Scion to find.

    Five awesome things

    Posted by
    Saturday, August 31st, 2013 6:54 am

    Here’s a few games that I think were pretty awesome, not necessarily my top five – it’s so hard to choose – but they either entertained me greatly, or did something really interesting or whatever. They are worth looking at!

    Get Well Soon

    The main mechanic of this horror game is that you can only move for 10 seconds, then the monsters move for 10 seconds, it creates a great deal of suspense. The introduction to the game is also beautifully done!

    Captain Robert

    There’s not a whole lot of challenge to the gameplay, it’s a platformer, gameplay is more in the exploration – the story telling and atmosphere were great, even if the main character is a white rectangle :)

    Flooded Dungeons

    This is a very challenging roguelike, wherein each level will be flooded in 10 seconds, so you have to think fast! If this was developed further I’d probably sink hours into it.

    Rebound Recon

    This one does some very interesting things I don’t think I’ve seen before – you control a remote drone, you can see its trajectory laid out for the whole 10 seconds, and you can select anywhere along that trajectory, and alter your acceleration in any direction at that point, with the aim of making sure the drone reaches the exit in 10 seconds.

    Proletarian Ninja X

    Challenging stealth ninja fun!

    And please check out my own game :D!

    Bug fixing in ‘I’ll give you a head start’

    Posted by
    Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 6:43 pm

    So a lot of people who played my game were commenting on it being very slow, after watching someone else play it and having someone test it on a different computer, turns out there was a massive bug that for some reason I and some players weren’t experiencing.

    It was one line of code to fix it, that basically changed the game from drawing shadows over every single tile in the entire level (!!!) to only drawing shadows on the tiles that are being drawn to the screen! Obviously that makes a huge difference in speed, but it is just one line of code? I think it is allowed to fix this, yes?

    At any rate, I’ve uploaded the fixed version, but I’ve kept the buggy version up as well and explained the situation on my game’s page so people can make their own judgement call on which version to rate :)

    And if you played the game before and experienced horrible slowdown, please try it again now, this should fix the problem 😀

    I’ll give you a head start timelapse/post mortem

    Posted by
    Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 11:35 am

    I recorded a quick little video of me playing the game, followed by a timelapse I recorded with Chronolapse. I talk over the top about what went wrong and stuff. The timelapse contains spoilers, of course 😀

    Youtube link

    You can play the game here!

    I’ll give you a head start

    Posted by
    Sunday, August 25th, 2013 7:00 pm

    Well, it’s 3 am here, so I’m about to fall unconscious but I managed to finish my game.

    The artwork is a little less than I was hoping for, I thought I had all day to work on the art, but then I wasted more time on the graphics for the title screen/endings than I really should have. I kind of like the ending, but I should have put more priority on the level graphics… anyway, it all works, and you can check it out here: Link!


    It’s a horror explory game, you must evade the ghost of Emily as you explore an abandoned school looking for items that can help you escape. If she touches you, you die. She gives you a 10 second head start though, so it’s not all bad.

    I’ll probably have a timelapse up sometime in the next few days if everything worked fine.

    Protectors of the World Tree! Finished

    Posted by
    Sunday, July 28th, 2013 3:24 pm

    Done! Ish. I could probably spend a long time tweaking everything, and testing and re-testing, and then losing all control and going over the deadline, so I’ll upload it as is. Every level should be beatable as the game stands now, though I haven’t tested “Words” or “The Ocean”, but have tested all the others. There is no level sequence, just a collection of maps. Map editor is included. “The River” is possibly a good one to start on.

    Entry page

    It’s an RTS where you command a village of elves, protecting a magical tree from an invading army of orcs. You have worker units that can gather resources, and combat oriented units to defend or attack. There’s more details on the entry page. The main gimmick or twist of this game, is that how you gather resources has an impact on how the forest treats you. For example, you require wood to create buildings and to purchase certain units, you can send your workers to gather wood slowly, or chop down an entire tree. Chopping the tree is quicker, but if you do too many harmful actions such as this, the forest will send you less magic power, and might even retaliate against you.

    Hope you enjoy!

    Day six

    Posted by
    Saturday, July 27th, 2013 5:59 pm

    Well, I have incredibly basic combat going on, fog of war, win and failure conditions… a lot of the important stuff.
    I don’t have enough time to really make this great – I have to work on the level graphics a lot, there’s a lot of balancing of resources etc that could be done, I need to make at least a few level maps to play on, the level editor needs to have the ability to rename levels… lots to do and not enough time to do it all I fear. But I’ll try to get as much done as I can. :)

    Day four! Orcs!

    Posted by
    Thursday, July 25th, 2013 5:20 pm

    There are a lot of numbers on the left, but most of that is debug stuff while I make sure the enemy AI is working, so it’s not a huge amount to deal with.
    Began coding the enemy AI today. So far, all it will do is build a few stone gathering orcs, once it acquires enough stone it builds a barracks which allows it to start spawning wood choppers. Who, of course, chop trees.

    So the basic idea is, you control the elves defending the forest, particularly the magical trees that you spawn beside. If they get destroyed, you lose. The orcs cut down the trees for resources which they will use to grow their army and expand their corruption of the land. To defend yourself, you need resources yourself, but you have to balance how you gather these resources – you can gather twigs on the ground, which is slow, but not harmful to the forest, or you can start chopping down trees, which is of course not good for the forest. Too many harmful actions will result in the forest reacting against you >D

    So tomorrow is probably going to be spent mostly on the enemy AI again, the wood cutters are a little buggy right now and I need to get attacking working.

    Elves! Forest! Protect!

    Posted by
    Wednesday, July 24th, 2013 5:56 pm

    Still not got a name.

    Day three progress (I didn’t post one yesterday cos visually the game looked exactly the same)

    Graphics still very placeholdery, but at least its not white boxes and circles anymore :)
    So all the commands that involve building up your base and gathering supplies are all coded, with the usual kind of “you can’t build the powerful units until you build such and such a building” mechanics, and the worker elves will wander around the vicinity of the area where you assign them to gather supplies (food, wood and stone are the basics, magic is important too, but you can’t gather it). So path finding AI is coded, I just hope it doesn’t overload when there are dozens of units on the board… guess I’ll find out once I code the enemy side of things D:
    My numbers obviously need tweaking I have waaaay too much magic in the screenshot, and harmony shouldn’t reach negative numbers or it just spirals out of control. I’ll fix that up tomorrow and hopefully begin work on the enemy AI.
    Wheeee =D

    Elves defending a forest… the game??!

    Posted by
    Monday, July 22nd, 2013 5:47 pm

    I don’t have a name yet 😐

    Day one progress!
    Graphics all very placeholdery of course.
    I have a level editor done, recycled some code to make a level selection screen that loads all levels in the levels folder and displays information about them before you choose one (level name, size, author, difficulty), placed a worker unit who can be clicked on to move him around, or double clicked on to give him orders – right now all he can do is build three different types of treehouse.

    It’s basically going to be a village of elves defending and protecting a forest from an invading army of something, probably orcs and the like. I have some weird resource management ideas for it that should make things interesting that I’ll post more about once they are working 😀

    Some faves

    Posted by
    Sunday, May 12th, 2013 7:14 am

    Whoohoo! I made it to over 100 games tried somehow! So it seems all the cool kids are putting up a selection of their faves, so I will give in to peer pressure:

    Less is More by atraxgames

    This is a pretty clever puzzle game, where you have to get rid of the coloured blocks with the ability to delete a limited number of the border blocks. The different colours each act differently, and getting them to interact in ways that are beneficial to you is part of the puzzle.

    Revolvengarde by Andrio

    Minimalist controls throughout, you use the left and right arrow keys to rotate your little orb thing to deflect attacks that match the colour of your shield(s), it gets pretty quick paced. Even the menus retain the two button controls, in a way I thought was pretty clever.

    F*** this job by Casino Jack

    A one-button challenging platformer, you will die a lot. Similar to Super Meat Boy you are rewarded for your victory with a “recording” of all your failed attempts played at once.

    Budget Squad by deepnight

    It’s a beatiful game, you control two submarines, each with different abilities and limitations, collect gems, avoid things that kill you. I didn’t manage to beat it, but I will probably try again at some point. Very fun, but the theme isn’t really present except in that the submarines have “minimal” abilities each.

    Fractured by dalbinblue

    A challenging puzzle game with minimal controls. I’d say more about the mechanics, but it’s more interesting going in blind :)

    And a quick plug for my own game: Samus Regrets a metroid game where you discard power ups instead of acquire them.

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