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RED – Day Two WIP

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Sunday, April 28th, 2013 10:06 pm

Hi there again!

Today we finished the assets and the most important parts of gameplay implementation, there’s one little thing that I liked to make, but ah well, things weren’t working out very nice, and since I managed to do the main thing that I wanted to implement, I think that’s ok for now…

So, first things first!

We have a logo! YEAH!

Logo of the RED game

Logo of the RED game

I really liked this logo, I think we managed to get something quite stylish, game related and minimalist, this one was made by me with the help of Hexels! An awesome software for drawing stuff with hexels, many thanks to @saint11 from miniboss for showing me this jewel!
Btw, for those who didn’t read the past WIP, RED stands for Red Eyes in the Dark!

About that thing that I managed to implement, here’s a look at it

Predictive movement

Predictive movement

Already know what it was?
Yup, I implemented a little system to make the AI predict the players movement before it called up the pathfinding algorithm, because it wasn’t very useful before, it was almost impossible for it to catch the player when it was just following its current position, so, to make the experience meaningful this was a must do!
In the case above, I just moved the player to the left and the AI aimed correctly according to the player’s linear velocity, but it also takes angular velocity into account when needed!

Next up are more aesthetic than functional things we made today, the first one we did was actually having the idea to take inspiration in minimalism quotes to inspire the level design of the stages, which we plan to make ten at most, maybe 9 and a final boss, maybe…

Da flavour

Da flavour

We really liked this font, for some reason it creates a dark atmosphere around it, we liked the idea of it being kind of typewritten, it’s like the kid (read the past WIP for story stuff) was making annotations of its experiences, really awesome!
We also finished the final UI of the gameplay scenarios, here it is



It will be possible to have more than one enemy at the same time, and they may have different sizes and speeds, it will be a really fun game to play and the challenge level is quite awesome!
The three blue bars up top are the battery level of you flashlight, they will go down fast, so you have to make it past the creatures fast, or else the lights go up and then the red eyes creatures will be unstoppable.
The little beam of light on the top right corner is the exit, the player’s objective is to get to it! I think we will have to make it more viewable, I think it is quite dark as it is now, more stuff for the last day!

For the last day we will be finally getting the sound stuff and effectively design the levels and stuff, I wish we had done a bit more today, but the event slowed us down a bit, as our workplace was used for the speedpaint session of our artist, Joao, that made this quite impressive piece there

SpeedPaint made by the artist of the RED game

SpeedPaint made by the artist of the RED game

Still unfinished as he told me to say here!

And here are we again, at our little booth, this time the whole crew getting in the frame!

RED game devs

RED game devs

From right to left: Joao, Pablo, Tiago (me =D)

Thanks a lot for your attention! Final updates and game ready tomorrow! Have a good Ludum Dare!

RED – Day One WIP

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Saturday, April 27th, 2013 5:18 pm

Hi there,

This is the first Ludum Dare that me and my team are participating, it’s been quite a ride, literally, we started the day traveling to another city in another state where we would be present at a games and anime event, so, obviously, we started thinking in the idea of the game in the middle of the road! YAY!

As we’ve made lots of platformers in the pasts GGJ, we were looking for to make some top-down-ish game, soooo…

Our game will be called RED, which stands for Red Eyes in the Dark! (and we thought about it right before lunch, minimalism in the title, way to go!)

It is a game about a kid who is in his house alone and there’s a power outage in it, leaving him in the dark and only with a flashlight to guide his way to the outdoor moonlight.
The thing is, when he is in the dark, he starts to see glowing red eyes coming at him! OH NO!
However, when he aims at them with his flashlight, he is able to slow them down, giving him time to avoid them and make it safe to the light.

As if there wasn’t trouble enough already, it turned out that his batteries are drying out and his has little time to reach the light before they run out.

I am doing the game design and programming, Joao is making the assets and Pablo is having its way with the level designs.

We have some prototypes that somewhat work already, here are some pics of them:

RED ScreenShot

RED ScreenShot

In this first screen we see the player moving and the red eye creature following him, the flashlight is not hitting the creature, so it is at full speed!

RED ScreenShot

RED ScreenShot

In this second one you can see that the creature is illuminated by the flashlight, so its eyes close and it gets slower.

This jam is being quite the ride so far, we plan to get more assets done and stuff before tomorrow, where we will be in the event again and things get a little bit noisy there (btw, oh yeah, we are making the game while in the event, live! No stream though, what a shame… but here is a pic of us there, with the Ben Powell keynote in the background, so people will know what the hell we are doing there).

Our booth at Saga

Our booth at Saga

Thanks for reading until here! More updates tomorrow! Have a good Ludum Dare!

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