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I’m in (and cutting it fine)

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Friday, August 22nd, 2014 4:50 pm

First Ludum Dare. First game since the interactive fiction I tried to write when I was 10.

Languages: Javascript/Clojurescript

Library: Very likely to be using crafty.js , but phaser looks kinda cool and I may decide to jump ship if my friend has some success with it :)

Other bits: javascript is pretty rusty so likely I will be bolting in a few libraries here and there. Lein if I run with Clojurescript. PhysicsJS if I need it.

Hosting: S3 hosting

Audio: Abelton/mainstage/garageband/bfxer/microphone

Graphics: GIMP and my terrible art skills (with plugin for spritesheets if needed), maybe Pixen if it helps

Other: Pens, paper, quite a lot of Dare Ice Coffee (because it tastes good and Dare right?), patience and sleep


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