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Wednesday, December 19th, 2012 7:58 am

Goods is a game about trading stolen goods. You are a shady street salesman who has to sell as many stolen goods as possibly to bypassing strangers, while avoiding being spotted by undercover cops. The game is highly inspired by the Eighties television series Miami Vice, but instead of being an undercover cop chasing villains, you are the villain. Yeah.

My initial idea for Ludum Dare 25 was to do a game about AIDS. The problem with AIDS is that it’s not that funny, not that provocative and not that dangerous anymore. My second idea was a drug dealing game, pretty much like the final game, only with drugs. When putting in the graphics, it became obvious that this was going to be a humorous game rather than a serious game, and having a drug dealer as a main character soon became too much of a contrast. I’d love to make a drug trafficking game, but I don’t like to make it into a joke. Furthermore, I’m totally unfamiliar with the jargon and the methods of drug dealing.

I really wanted to make the 48-hour entry, but Alas, a God damn wedding ate all of my Saturday. And it wasn’t even my own wedding. I could easily have made the 48-hour deadline, but instead I spend most of Saturday small talking with old people who will probably die of old age before we meet again. But the cake was good.

I started working on the game Sunday morning at 5am. For reasons unknown, movie director Jim Jarmush’s face kept popping up in my head all morning. “It’s a sign” I thought. So I put him in the game. I guess this is the first time ever that Jim Jarmush makes a cameo appearance in a video game.

The rest of sunday/monday was basically just crunching/coffee/crunching/sleeping.

What went right

– I decided pretty quickly on which idea to work on, and then spent a lot of time perfecting that one idea in my head before starting. I don’t necessarily recommend this approach, but it works for me.

– I only used software that I know really well, and I only did stuff that I knew how to do.

What went wrong

– I should have some game soundtracks lined up. Making music after two days of crunching just ain’t that inspiring.

– A God damn wedding ate all of Saturday! Yeah.

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