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brain gun post-mortem

Posted by
Monday, April 20th, 2015 5:32 pm

i think it is about time to write the post-mortem for my game “braingun” . so first things first :

idea :

i woke up at 6:00 am which was around 3 hours after the jam started here in Egypt . i was very glad this theme was chosen because there were  a lot of interesting ideas that can be done with it . and in about an hour i managed to think of about 5-6 ideas . the last one was about giving the main character an unconventional weapon .. his brain only  .. so he can’t carry weapons or hurt others .. although he can persuade them to follow him using his brain .

i felt like that could lead to some interesting mechanics beside i have always wanted to made that sort of real-time strategy games .. so i choose it .

what went right :

1- the tools :

i have had some hard-were problems with my laptop for a while .. so my laptop can suddenly shutdown for no reason and i had no time to fix it before the jam because i was busy with college .. so i didn’t think it will be smart to use windows because windows takes more time to restart and it breaks down more frequently than Linux .. but all my gamedev life was on windows . and i was thinking of using Flixel or Unity for this jam . but since i couldn’t help it i decided i am going Haxeflixel on Linux with sublime-text  .. and it was “Awesome” . it felt much more fun to compile and debug using terminal and i didn’t waste anytime to get used to the tools . also i used gimp for graphics and Bfxr for sound effects and they did the job perfectly . which encourages me to enter more Jams using Linux 😀 .

2- the graphics : in all my jams i used to use some colored boxes for sprites at first and then draw the necessary art later . but this time i decided to switch and start with graphics at first . and i believe i made the right choice . since i used to do a lot of complex actions that requires more complex animation to be made . but since my mind usually is so focused on the engine .. i always produce some low quality art  that ruins the game experience . another thing is because i used such a basic art style it gave more chance to focus my effort on the game play .

what went wrong :

1- the idea :

although i am still happy with the idea .. i still believe it was a little too ambitious . i wanted to add a lot of stuff that could have made the game way more fun . but i couldn’t to time limitation .

2- the AI :

games of this genre usually feature a lot of complex AI transitions and states and an Finite state machine is usually defined at first to control how the entity should act on the game . but for this game .. the problem was i had no idea what the final AI should be like . i had a basic concept which was that the player should be able to control his followers but i had no idea how ?!! . so i would just add a state or an action after the other and then go back to add transitions using if statements between them .  which cause me a lot of headache because the code structure was getting more complex every time i add anything . and it made it much harder to catch and fix bugs .


Conclusion :

so maybe the end game was less than what i aimed for , but i am still proud of myself that i finished it and that i worked > 30 hour in only 48 hours 😀 .

and with that my friends i declare this as my 4th finished LDJam game and my 8th finished Jam 😀 .

see you in other jams 😀 😀 .


i am in … “let’s try something new “

Posted by
Friday, April 17th, 2015 4:26 pm

it’s been a while since I entered ludum dare .. i think my last one was LD 29 .. about a year ago

this time I am trying a lot of new stuff (“against my will”) .. my windows version is corrupted and I have no time to fix it right now . so I can’t use Flixel any more which is the centre point of my comfort zone :”( . but since i really want to enter this time . i decided to continue no matter what .. so I am going to join this time using a new OS (xubunto) , new IDE (no IDE 😀 .. i will use sublime-text ) , new language (HAXE) and a new framework (Haxeflixel) … let’s hope i don’t get a new failure :3


for graphics .. i will use gimp … and for sound i will probably use SFXR

i am already familiar with Haxeflixel a little bit but I used it with windows only using flash-develop ..


anyway … let’s hope things turn out to the best isa … and i finish something good if i can’t then

ميجراش حاجة عادى   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


just a typical ” i am in ” post

Posted by
Friday, August 23rd, 2013 2:54 pm

well i guess it is time to write an “i am in post” like the tradition of ludum dare says .

okey then ……… (i am in) wait there is more ..,. the tradition doesn’t stop here …..

this is my second LD , my last one was LD 26 of which i learned a lot , i managed to finish my game (using flixel which i just learned before the jam ),and i won the 705 place from 1610 other games (at least it is above average )

so ……… enough talking about the past  .  this time i am entering the jam (if you have seen my game in LD26 you must have noticed how much i suck in graphics(gladly the theme was minimalism so i got away with it ) ) so the graphics part will be done IgorGreen

(a skilled pixel artist)


tools for me :

IDE : FlashDevelop

Engine : Flixel and AS3

MapEditor: Tiled

TimeLapse : Chronolapse

tools for igor :

i dont know them write now (but maybe i will right them in another post)

later :)

it is finally over :)

Posted by
Monday, April 29th, 2013 10:11 am

after many hours of works i have finally completed my game


it feels awesome because it is my first game using flixel and my first entry to LD


you can check it out from here ———> http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-26/?action=preview&uid=21553

i am in hopefully :)

Posted by
Thursday, April 25th, 2013 3:28 pm

my first  ludumdare  (O_O)….. hope i am up to the challenge

compo seem like a good choice because i don’t  have a team and i have university on Monday beside i am a lousy artist .

so here is a list of what i will use :

game engine: flixel and AS3 (still new to flixel) , but i guess i will be able to get o the finish line

graphics : gimp and graphicgale

soundeffects :sfxr

time lapse : chrnolapse

good bye

(not a very good finale  though)

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