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“LD#22 -MISSION COMPLETE!-” and Introductory post!

Posted by (twitter: @mrgameandaudio)
Monday, December 19th, 2011 6:07 pm

I just completed my first ever game jam (not counting the 0h game jam). I’m so happy and I’m glad that I had support from my indie friends over twitter.

I just noticed that this is my first post that isn’t a draft (I have about 22 drafts currently), meaning this is the first that anyone has seen. I should probably introduce myself!


Hi, I’m Kaylin Norman, a rather spunky indie designer looking to make a name for himself. When I’m not playing video games I’m designing video games, and when I’m not designing video games, I’m learning how to design video games better. My life pretty much revolves around game design and development. My commitment to it as a career is barely straddling the line of raw passion and obsession.

I have a little thing called Asperger’s Syndrome. Its nothing big really, all it means is that I see and think differently (most of the time). I would have to say that because of my AS I’m here right now, among indie developers, creating small games. Its what got me to this point.

I don’t normally blog due to incidents that happened last time. See, if you were to meet me somewhere say, a coffee shop, you’d be quick to figure out that I’m rather shy and am also generous to the point of stupidity (“did that guy really just give $100 to the salvation army?”). I’m also very keen and love observing things, which I document…through game design!

Among game design and gaming related things I often blog about life through my eyes. Sounds arrogant I know, but bare with me here there’s a reason! My posts about life generally follow a “Cracked.com” style of satire where its almost like a humorous rant (well at least that’s the intention), and because of that people have branded me with all different types of names (that I won’t repeat).

Anywho, Thank you all for letting me join Ludum Dare. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot of things from the friends I make through this community!

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