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Room of Shadows! Compo Entry – This is my first game that has a beginning and an ending. All my other projects are just small 1 scene core feature examples.

I had tons of fun trying to crunch out game play with the 48 hour time frame looming over my head. I started late, so I lost about 8 hours and also slept >.<


Originally I was building for isometric 3D, but ended up swapping into top down orthographic because it looked better at the time. I ran out of time to do audio, and add in enemy models and animations (so you get to fight placeholder spheres for now). Had zero time to play test / adjust settings of the game for difficulty and performance. My computer is pretty good, so I never saw performance problems with the current settings. Attack range of the enemies could be increased a bit, sometimes they stop just out of range. Oh well, download it an tell me what you think!!


I’m kinda burnt out, but I may spend the rest of the day adding music / sound effects, wall destruction effects, enemy models and animations. If I can finish it all, I’ll post it for the jam event if that is allowed.

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