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I’m in!

Posted by (twitter: @MrAster)
Saturday, April 27th, 2013 3:01 am

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! I’m in! Last time, I was working in a group with a friend, and that didn’t turn out so well, so this time, I’m back, with more knowledge, and more determination, and alone! I’ll be honest, though, I started a little bit before I posted this, to get back into coding, and not deceive anyone. I have a few ideas for this theme so far, so I hope I’ll finish in time. I’ll be using C++, with SFML and Box2D. That’s it.

And, as always, I’ve linked my workspace: http://i.imgur.com/meI5EFI.jpg

You are the villian? NO.

Posted by (twitter: @MrAster)
Friday, December 14th, 2012 7:33 pm

Hi, Jishaxe here again!


Looks like we won’t be working on anything tonight because Aster decided to take a nap, promised to set his alarm and then didn’t wake up.

Blame Aster’s alarm. Stupid alarms nowadays.

Anyway, me being left on my own I have to think of some ideas. I’m exhausted, but here are a few I was considering.


  • You play as the slenderman and scare other people. Maybe multiplayer.
  • You are a pig and go around taking revenge on humanity for all the bacon eaten.
  • You are a giant plate-throwing monster out to kill everything.
  • You play as the boss of a big company and go around demoting your employees while laughing manically.

Okay, these ideas suck, I know. I’m barely awake. And I feel delusional.

Hopefully, when we’re both awake tomorrow, we can actually get some work done.



Here’s a cat:

You’re welcome.


— Jishaxe

We’re in too!

Posted by (twitter: @MrAster)
Friday, December 14th, 2012 4:20 pm

Hi there,


My name is Jishaxe/Josh Lee and this is TheGeekatory. We are a team account, currently we have two programmers, me and Aster/Mischa. Aster is the leader of  TheGeekatory but he’s lazy and made me post this.


We’re going to be participating in the Ludum Game Jam, our first time in any timed competition whatsoever. We’re nervous, but hopefully it’ll be fun! I hope the theme is End of the World. That’d be awesome – maybe some sort of “run away from the opposing wall of doom game” would be awesome. And fitting. But whatever the theme is, we’ll almost certainly be using SFML and C++ (and possibly OpenGL, if it’s 3D) for the game. Apart from that, everything will be written from scratch and we’ll make the assets.


As it seems to be convention to upload images of your programming workplace, here is my rather boring unprepared workspace:




And a photo of Asters’ workspace:

(look at those ridiculous three monitors)



Anyway, wish us luck, maybe at the end of this we’ll have something playable!


— Jishaxe




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