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New Ludum Dare gameplay series

Posted by
Friday, December 16th, 2016 5:35 pm

Hi all I just uploaded the first episode of my Ludum Dare 37 gameplays:

My PC sounds like a Jet in the background, and I failed to elaborate as much as I had intended on my thoughts of the game but in an attempt to keep the video to a watchable length, I think its ok for my first attempt. If you have any suggestions as to games I should play please feel free to email me at camblurban@gmail.com

Hopefully I can also show my genuine reactions to all the games in episode two and not have to re record my gameplay of any due to technical issues, however all the games I played in EP 1 still deserved the video.

Game entries I played:
One Room Hotel by TerraCottaFrog
Correct Color by gogo199432
Jim is Moving Out! by stadoblech

My Ludum Dare entry:
Royal Rise (Multiplayer) by thebrickanator

Thanks for watching :)

So the Compo is over…

Posted by
Monday, December 12th, 2016 2:24 am

Now that I’ve taken a break I’d like to summarize my LD 😀

The last day has been an interesting one for me as I believe it has been for many. However, honestly I had no intention on participating in the ludum dare this weekend, and it was only after lunch yesterday I took a peek at the theme and was instantly inspired. The theme is one I have seen in many other game jams in the past but I have never been driven to participate. By the time I had started Gamemaker Studio, the first 26 hours of the compo was already passed so I thought I’d make something simple and just have a little fun with the theme.

A few hours later I was waist deep in code and quickly hacking together an online multiplayer server to serve as the core for a simple competitive platforming game. Last night I went to sleep with a menu and multiplayer sussed but was yet to even begin the core game play and had no idea where I would find the time. So with 4 hours sleep I pushed this morning to get a functioning game and managed to cobble together platforming mechanics, very simple random level generation and the win condition with only 20 mins before the deadline. It’s safe to say that while this isn’t my best work, I’m super proud that I was able to pull it together, and even though I was unable to add barely any of the features I had in mind, I believe this game has far more potential with a little work and look forward to playing around 😀

Furthermore I’m going to rest and get ready to hopefully play a heap of LD games over the coming days. I’m going to be running the online server for my game ‘Royal Rise’ continuously while I play other games, so I welcome you to try it out (Keeping in mind that I’m in New Zealand so there may be some latency). Good luck to those still pushing for the Jam!! I have already seen some awesome gifs of games I just cant wait to play :)

Anywho, I guess it would be appropriate to gift a couple gifs of my simple platform game:


Looking forward to getting to use the new site fully in the future.


With one week of voting/feedback left I’m sure you are all eager to find the gems in the heap to play while the anticipation of results build…

So after playing a substantial number of great games and receiving much helpful feedback, as a thank you I have decided to select 5 games I think deserve a play and have listed them here by which theme I think they shone the best in 😀

I encourage all of you to at least take a look and give feedback on a few of these people’s work… they deserve it 😉

Agent Hooker (Theme, Graphics & Mood):

Slash Quest (Mood, Humor, Audio & Theme):

Double Kick Heroes (Audio, Fun & Graphics):

Button Betting (Innovation, humor & Theme):

Garden Grow (Fun):

And the games I couldn’t handle not adding to the list: 😛

(I have noticed that the games above seem to be common trends in favorites lists on this site so figured these guys below could do with a little love too 😉 )

RhythmRider (Fun):

Growing Ties (Theme & Fun):

Neon City Getaway (Fun & Graphics):

Parse The Sky (Graphics, Mood & Innovation):

Day by Day (Mood …Story):

From Seed to Snow (Graphics):

Also my game 😉  if you wish to play can be found here Thanks for the feedback so far it has been very helpful and kind!

I have really enjoyed most entries that I have played so far and have definitely found that the “Fun” theme determines my overall game rating the most so will probably try next time to make my game as fun as possible :)

are there any special games that you think I have missed or should try? please send me links, i’d love to play them!

My post of the mortem… and volcanos

Posted by
Monday, December 21st, 2015 3:49 am


After playing and exploring many entries from LD 34 and looking at my feedback, I’m back to finally write up my post-mortem on my compo entry ‘Mt Etubo‘.

As my second attempt at a LD, after placing 14th equal ‘overall’ and 11th in ‘fun’ last time round… I was certainly excited to attempt an improvement over my last game (Trogg village defense).

I invite you to read of my journey… *if you wish* ~as I understand its longer than intended 😛



When I first saw the resultant tied themes for this LD, I was stumped… My strategy (though probably not a great strategy) for deciding on a concept is to twist an existing style of game play into something fun that I have not yet seen, then apply it to the theme… and the theme growing, though versatile did not immediately seem fun by my interpretation. So I decided instead on implementing the theme as a growth of challenge or of an enemy in the game. this is where the idea stemmed from of a growing volcano monster.

I figured that the two button control theme would limit the fun of the game so decided to remove it in the end, even though it was possible with the mouse.

and Creation…

(A very rough outline of my work distribution)

Saturday 3:00 pm ~ I knew that I had time… I had about 37 hours available in the competition for solid development time due to it being the middle of school holidays, so I decided if I were to ever make a complete feeling LD game it would have to be this time. I created all the art at the very start… this time spent on art then doubled as time that I could plan my game in and since I didn’t have a huge time before I would be going to bed anyway, I let myself take that first day slow to properly plan what I was doing and draw the art which I knew that I would never be able to do when the time started running out. (I had planned to complete more houses, trees and scenery later but never gave myself time) I did end up completing the character controll/physics, level creation & generated the computer generated soundtrack with “CG Music” on this day ~ 12:00 am

Sunday 6:30 am ~ After the worst sleep of my life (tossing over game plans leaving probably 4 hours of actual sleep) I spent the entirety of that Sunday building the game out with nicer visuals (rain and liquid lava effects) as these types of graphical details are important to me in setting atmosphere for a game. I also created the main mechanics of liquid physics, player pushing attack, volcano aggression indicator and tidied up the bugs of the whole thing in preparation for monday. Along with many other important but smaller game-play mechanics. ~ 11:00 pm

Monday 6:30 am ~ (a much better sleep) I fixed everything…                  …the end…           …lol, no 😛 I did heaps of balancing to aim for [100% completion of the first stage], [50% completion of the second stage] and [more skill based/rare completion of the final stage] aiming to also keep it short, which I thought I achieved with a game length of exactly 3 mins for the short attention spanned LD audience 😉 . I added the lightning attack, the sheep, improved the villagers AI, polished the intro, added game sounds created by my voice and Leshy SFMaker, completed the menu, etc etc. and prepared for submission ~ 3:20 pm

There was allot I have missed on this recount of the 48 hours, yet despite what I accomplished I still wish I had more time 😛 haha I guess it will always be this way but I am really proud of just how much I accomplished in the time frame. (I now also have heaps of time to possibly expand on the idea anyway ;D )


Things I’m proud of:

  • The graphics (I’m happy that the visual atmosphere of the game became so polished despite the limited amount of art and feel that this is the games strongest point) ~ I love the lava effect
  • The music (The strategy of using CG Music to generate the soundtrack for this game saved me allot of time and did a better job than i could have likely accomplished on my own while allowing me to still customize almost every detail of how the song sounded and helped me to make it dynamically change in-game of a more dynamic experience)
  • The detail (I liked that I was able to add three stages of varied game-play and interesting AI behavior such as having the villagers actually farm)
  • The intro and story (It came out better than I hoped, though I’m not so happy I had to publish my story narration publicly :D)
  • The controls (Sacrificing the two button controls theme in the second day saved my entry and I went from being very concerned for the play-ability of my game to being very happy with it)

Things I am not so proud of:

  • The fact that I had to drop the two controls theme 😛 (the reason for this is obvious)
  • A use of theme that is not clear to the audience (Though I feel the theme is portrayed well as intended, I do not think it is clear to the audience unless they are attentive to the story so is a little disappointing)

… so mostly the theme lol 😀

Things you guys think:

  • Fortunately you all seem to love the graphics which I am happy about 😀
  • You seem to appreciate the time put into creating a story.
  • The chaos and comedy of villagers stupidly jumping into a volcano.
  • A couple of ye seemed to like the music which is a relief 😛
  • Many have commented on how complete the game feels.
  • understandably a few have commented on how difficult the game is so I may look at re-balancing a little.
  • and a couple have said they are bad/find it hard to push people away… (I have a few ideas since that I will likely add to fix this a little also)

So do I feel I have succeeded? …YES! …but do you? … I invite you to continue playing and rating as I’d love more feedback 😀

I have loved playing the many games that I have played so far, so thanks again for all ye feedback and I look forward to LD35 to see what comes of it. I hope you do to!

Thanks for reading 😉

Yay! a ludum dare in the school holidays

Posted by
Thursday, December 10th, 2015 5:30 pm

Hey I am definitely in for this ludum dare compo and am so excited 😀

LD 33 was my first Ludum dare and I placed 14th overall with 11th in the ‘fun’ category and quite pleasing results in the others too, the only issue I had with that Ludum dare is… that I missed a day of school because I live in NZ.

Thankfully at the time my parents were supportive of that decision, (as I had no real reason to be at school that day anyway 😛 ) but I don’t have to worry about it this time round due to the fact that school is now over for the year and I could literally spend as much time as I want to on the ludum dare.

As with last time I will use gamemaker studio with the built in sprite editor, serif draw plus or gimp for graphics and leshylabs.com/apps/sfMaker for sfx.

I have a few good ideas for mechanics for various themes and am ready to get started 😀

I ranked 14th equal overall in the compo when I wasn’t expecting to make it anywhere near a high rank.

I was already quite proud of what feedback I had received and the game came out better than expected.

My internet went down for 6 hours just before the results were announced and I didn’t believe my friend when he told me I came 14th.

I hope everyone else also found success this year in the ludum dare. I enjoyed playing many of the games submitted and will definatly try to participate in the future.

Thanks again to everyone who played and rated my game :)

here are my other ratings for those who are interested:


Trogg Village Defense “Long live the Trogg!”

Posted by
Sunday, September 6th, 2015 4:29 am

After building a powerful village to deplete and kill the Trogg, turn the tables and fight back as the Trogg to eat all of your villagers to boost your score!


If you haven’t yet played Trogg please take a moment and see what score you can reach 😛

(If not only to feel the satisfaction of destroying your own village after defeating the Trogg)

Click Here to Play!


Successful first Ludum Dare (mostly)

Posted by
Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 11:00 pm

So, that’s it.

Here‘s my first ever Ludum Dare game (my second game ever)

Go play it 😉 you wont regret it (unfortunately only available on windows)



The game was submitted 2 mins before submission hour ended and I couldn’t find the compress to zip option on my PC 😛 oh well. I was very happy with how much I completed and all I really missed out on doing was adding villager upgrades, balancing the game play difficulty and a little bit of polishing however I’m quite surprised with how polished the sounds ended up sounding.

The ai turned out well with the rare glitch that causes the monster to just freeze. but its rare… (and fixable)

The fps is really only impacted by the background tiles drawing, so should be a simple fix and It runs above the limited fps for me anyway.

The best part is that I finished it within the 48 hours :)

I’m in for my first Compo!

Posted by
Thursday, August 20th, 2015 5:31 pm

I’m defiantly excited to finally be able to join everyone else in this Ludum Dare granted I finish my English homework today and have the weekend free. Its already the 21st here in NZ and I was worried for a moment that I had miss calculated when it would start 😀

I plan on using:

  • Gamemaker Studio professional
  • Serif Drawplus x6 and/or Gimp
  • For music, maybe This Exquisite Forest but idk if this music is allowed for external use. I may modify it myself but does anyone know if this would be allowed in the Compo? Thanks :) anyone else know of a simple free music creator? I like to use ambient music in my games but any simple music creators would be nice to know about :) thanks.
  • I’ll probably mix and make my sounds in audacity.

looking forward to building and playing some games :)

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