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Capitall – afterthoughts

Posted by (twitter: @the_vaber)
Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 7:38 am

Capitall screenshot

This is a third Ludum Dare game I created – you can play it here. This time it is a Jam entry; my brother helped me with sound effects and music.

It didn’t turn out anywhere near what I expected on Saturday afternoon when I started doing coding – not that there really was a truly specific idea what the game will be all about at that point, it all kind of shaped itself in the end. Few hours before the submission, the gameplay was nothing like it is now – the player had a twin laser weapon (no weapon model) that even left scorch marks wherever it hit – I spent an unreasonable amount of time implementing a simplistic “decal” system because of that. It actually took almost entire Sunday to get all the weapon mechanics to work and look somewhat alright.. In the end, there was no more time left to make a proper behavior/AI for the enemies (the yellow “snake-like” critters that are just an ambient effect now – in my opinion, it actually adds a lot in terms of visuals to the game), so the weapon firing was removed entirely and the goal of the game became a very tense racing through the level filled with boost platforms and traps towards green-marked checkpoint platforms. As the submission hour approached, the development became quite stressful. GUI elements such as score, timer and lives indicator was added on last minute, same with sound effects, and the stress peaked as my browser refused to work properly ten minutes before the end of submission hour! Phew.. fortunately, it all went quite alright in the end and the game is fully playable, yet for some people somehow difficult. I made a small gameplay video to demonstrate at least some of the most basic “tactics” (if you can call it that.. you can see the video below) :-)

Right now I’m thinking about doing a post-jam version..perhaps with the scrapped weapon mechanics and maybe even a two/more player race multiplayer! But for the moment, I’m going to rest a bit.. it was a fun, yet tiring experience. The way everything is programmed in the game right now is very close to the limit with such somewhat-naive implementation of just about everything that I made in the last three days, so almost a complete rewrite will be necessary.. aww..

Looking forward for next Ludum Dare. Any feedback for the game is welcome, I hope everyone enjoys it as much as possible! :-)

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