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Compo Postmortem – You Only Have One Egg

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Monday, December 30th, 2013 7:05 pm

Well, I’m doing this just to get my game a bit more out there, but I can’t really say much about development because it doesn’t even have graphics, audio, and probably it doesn’t even have gameplay (at least not a normal one).
The game is kind of a text adventure, where you enter commands on a text field and stuff happens. It’s my first Ludum Dare and jam game and my second game ever.

Okay, so here goes nothing:

What went well:

-The only command that people managed to input without looking at the source (because it was the only command that I provided in the help), apparently made people laugh.

-I made my second game ever and it was kinda cool. I gained 3 XP.

What went wrong:

-There was so little help that apparently, the players were able to enter only one of the commands without looking at the source. I wanted to add the element of discovery, but it seems it didn’t work.

-I would have liked to have more commands and outcomes, but I felt it would’ve taken too much time and I just wanted to finish the game and go play KSP or something.

I probably can’t add more help right now, so I’ll do it after the judging. I would also like some suggestions on how to add that help without ruining the feeling of discovery. Incorporating every thinkable element from real life into commands could probably help.
It would be cool if after voting, this became some kind of project where lots of people suggest/add new commands and outcomes, making it a constantly growing game.

PD: There’s an entry similar to mine, check it out!

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