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WIP: Core mechanics set, polish will follow

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Saturday, August 24th, 2013 12:10 pm

So, first things first, the current working prototype can be found  https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4175098/ld27/index.html .



You control the crane in the top left corner with the arrow keys, down picks things up.  The reactor in the lower left corner is melding down and you need to toss it out of the space ship before it explodes, since explosions are rumored to be rather unpleasant on a space ship. In order to do so, you have control rods (the grey sticks) which will prolong the meltdown by some time. However, some smart middle manager on the ship decided that additional security is required everywhere, including the emergency reactor evacuation lanes, so you also have to move the keys (red T) to the locks (red-white-red thing next to the key) in order to unlock certain blocks (currently those marked with a + in the color of the lock).


Overall, I feel like I’m on a good track here. I have a running, deliverable version since like 10 – 11 hours and I have been able to keep a version deployable at a whim with simple git use, which removes a  lot of anxiety when changing a lot of things. If they go wrong, I can just go back and branch somewhere else :)

Beyond that, I have 2 interesting puzzle features here (keys+doors and the timing factor) so tomorrow, I should be able to add a few different levels. There won’t be too many levels due to time constraints, but that’s how it goes. After that, I can polish up. I need to decide if I want to add the complexity of actual assets or if I just supercharge my pure JS drawing methods, but I’m leaning towards JS graphics only to keep things simple. My graphics won’t be pretty either way and I suppose I can make a more fun game by rather focussing on mechanics, implementation and in doubt, writing in between levels.



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