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Day 2: Most certainly a jam game

Posted by (twitter: @terrawah)
Sunday, August 26th, 2012 4:35 am

And a down to the wire one at that!

So far: exploration/mutation game set in this
night time swamp world thing

Day 1: What a mess

Posted by (twitter: @terrawah)
Saturday, August 25th, 2012 4:28 am

Okay, evolution has been my least favourite theme for a long time… a lot of people have always explained why it’s not so good so I won’t get into it here, after all it’s too late now so we’ve got to work with what we’ve got!

I sat down for a long while trying to think of a good idea… came back with two that I liked equally, and after much deliberation (read: stressing and not knowing what to do!) decided to start on the second…

So, judging by the countdown timer I worked on that idea for 8 hours or so… and that time I spent has told me that it was way too much to do within the jam (one problem I had with the theme, most options are just far too big!).. My idea was something along the lines of simulating the ‘evolution of an idea’, was going to have a sandbox-ey thing where you put in an ‘idea’ and watch the effects of that idea in game as it ‘evolves’… yeah, not working so well. Not only is it probably out of scope if I want it to be playable, but in practise it is also strays pretty far from the theme! The only ways of getting it to work how I wanted that I could think of ended up being ‘put an idea in and see if it sticks’, rather than ‘put an idea in and see how it changes’. I still like this idea but it’s just not for this jam.

So, from then until now I’ve started work on idea #2.. Not sure how much I like this one, it’s kind of boring to me but maybe I can find a way to make it interesting to work on. Haven’t done much yet, not sure exactly where it’s going to go so there’s not much to say.

Anyway, I’ve still not completely given up on my first idea. Maybe after a sleep a way to make it work will come to me – I don’t know. I’m going to decide which to continue with in the morning when I’m thinking more sensibly, idea #1 is definitely more achievable but it’s hard to throw away a days work. For now, sleep, I am kind of tiredy and this post may not make sense.

Some Picks

Posted by (twitter: @terrawah)
Saturday, May 12th, 2012 8:52 am

Attention last minute raters (like myself)!

Here are some games you might enjoy! With my impressions contained in really short and stupid sentences because I am really tired right now! No particular theme to these, I just looked through the list of games I’ve rated and picked some that stood out to me.


Serendipity with Cubes – angelk


A pretty cool puzzle thing

It’s a tab – brackcurly


The gimmick was mind blowing

Save the tiny world! – davidllanos22


Terrifying pigs D:

Extensionism – Eelfroth


Really great symbolism

Real War – nuprahtor


Creepy & very cool

Le Petit – Pixelulsar


Super fun

Craemle Zone – PsySal


Insanity, with really great voice acting.

Civilized Pixel – Terrified Virus


Pretty cute and fun!


And while your at it, my own game could probably use a few more ratings, too 😉

Have fun in these last hours everyone 😀 I’m so excited to see the results!

Bunny Cube post mortem

Posted by (twitter: @terrawah)
Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 2:15 am


What went right:

Making graphics in Unity

I had found out through the GDC pirate kart that it was actually a lot quicker for me to make 3d graphics using Unity’s in built planes and cubes than it is to import everything in from blender. And it’s so much easier to tweak things and make sure everything looks nice together when I never have to leave the editor! I’m really glad I decided to do it this way, I was able to add a lot of stuff really early on without much repercussion and that really helped  give me some direction, too.


I’ve had a heap of programming practice since my last entry, and it really helped. It’s still a jam game, but it was definitely the quickest I’ve been able to get something up and running. The dialogue, which is something I usually have a lot of trouble with, went really smoothly too (another thing that the pirate kart helped with).

What went wrong:

Put stuff in before I knew if I needed it

I wasted so much time doing useless crap that I didn’t actually end up needing! If you look at the source code you’ll see that I was trying to make some objects ‘pushable’. AUGH, that was so frustrating and I wasted so much time. I originally thought I was going to make a puzzle game set on a cube, where you push things around on one side and it effected the opposite side. Didn’t work out so well. The first time I wrote the player movement code (and I re-wrote it maybe 3 or 4 times) it made it really difficult to push things around accurately. Eventually I managed to just constrain everything to a grid and then things worked well… until I realized that the player could push blocks into walls. I fixed that, and then after worrying that players would accidentally put the level into an unwinnable state by pushing a block next to a wall I spent another obscenely long period of time trying to add in a tile that the player could walk over, but couldn’t push blocks over. By then I realized that my original puzzle idea just wasn’t very elegant and I wouldn’t have enough room for puzzles on each stage with all the crap I had to add in to make it even playable. That’s when I started adding graphics so I could clear my mind a little, and then I got the idea about animals.

Sound, again

I still don’t understand how music works. I’m sorry my games sound awful.

Forgot to blog

I kind of neglected my ludum dare blog this time around, but it seems the community ranking has been removed anyway. I still feel bad. There were a lot of things I could have posted but I didn’t. I hope this post mortem makes up for it 😀


Anyway, if anyone is interested in playing, you can have a go here:


Bunny Cube finished!

Posted by (twitter: @terrawah)
Monday, April 23rd, 2012 2:00 pm


I actually finished this yesterday, but I just went straight to bed after posting it.

Anyway, go play it!

Bunny Cube

Day 1.5 progress

Posted by (twitter: @terrawah)
Saturday, April 21st, 2012 10:16 pm

Hello fellow ludum dare-ers 😀

Here is where I’m at:

The red cube is a stand in for the player character.

I'm not sure what I want the player to look like yet.

I already posted some similar shots on twitter, but I’ve added some things to the forest since then. I’ve also started on two other scenes, but I don’t want to give too much away or anything 😀

This is technically day two for me, when the theme was announced I got my ideas together and spent a few hours on some movement code before sleep… and then when I woke up I promptly scrapped all my movement code and re-did it in about a 3rd of the time. Goes to show that you shouldn’t be coding while tired.

I managed to make lots of progress today though 😀 my original idea was more of a puzzley game but when I started adding the visuals in I changed direction a bit into more of an adventure style game; I didn’t have to change any code to do that. Since then I’ve added some NPCs in that you can interact with, and the base for an inventory.

Anyway, I’m getting pretty tired now so I think that’s it for today. I’m not sure if this will be a jam game or not. I came into this fully prepared for a three day jam so we’ll see tomorrow I guess.

Day 2 retrospective, continuing forwards

Posted by (twitter: @terrawah)
Sunday, December 18th, 2011 11:14 am

I think if I were to pull an all-nighter then maybe I could finish this game in time for the competition, but it probably wouldn’t have any fancy graphics, sounds, nor kittens (I would like all three of those) and I probably would also make some terrible design decisions while I’m at it. So I’m probably just going to keep working for a little while longer now and then do the rest tomorrow.

I’m confident enough to share a screenshot today (I wasn’t yesterday because it would have looked exactly like the first screenshot of my last LD game). Boxes!

disclaimer: not the actual resolution of the game

What’s really annoying though is today I’ve come up with two ideas for the theme that I like way better then the one I went with… Why couldn’t those thoughts have happened yesterday :'(

Anyway, good luck everyone still working on their games. I am remaining optimistic!

Day 1 retrospective

Posted by (twitter: @terrawah)
Saturday, December 17th, 2011 11:28 am

I can’t be bothered to write a blog post at this time of night(morning?) so I will instead leave you with this barely legible comic I drew about today.

please forgive me

Goodnight <3


Posted by (twitter: @terrawah)
Thursday, December 15th, 2011 11:23 pm

This is a post to tell everyone that I intend to jam this weekend \:D/

I am super duper exite. Last LD was my first LD, that makes this my second LD. I must admit, I haven’t had much success with video games since then but I’m hoping this will help me get out of my rut somewhat. I’m going to go for the jam again this time, I’m still not confident enough that I’ll be able to do anything significant in just 48 hours (you guys are crazy good).

I’m a little bit worried about my internet/power over the weekend (it’s getting into the storm season here) but so long as it doesn’t drop out when it’s time to upload my game I should be fine 😀

I also started on a warmup game thing earlier this week, but it won’t be done in time for LD. I might work on it a bit afterwards. Here is an image relating to that game so this post won’t look so bare:

don't tell anyone but this isn't actually in the game yet

Good luck everyone and happy ludum dare-ing 😀

We’d like it if you stay postmortem

Posted by (twitter: @terrawah)
Thursday, August 25th, 2011 7:20 pm

Hello 😀

So last weekend, my goals basically were, in order of importance:
1. Finish a game
2. Make it fairly polished

For the most part, I think I did well. To be fair, they are pretty low goals (note that ‘make a good game’ is not listed), but I am happy. Here are some thoughts on how things went.
You can play the game here.


What went right:

Choosing to participate:

    I don’t think I could have done this last year, or even a couple of months ago… and I was quite certain I couldn’t now, either. I glad I decided to recklessly go for it anyway! I’ve wanted to have a go ever since hearing of the event during the ‘islands’ theme. This whole this is a great learning experience for me… it’s good to take chances, sometimes!

Using unity:

    I was a bit worried about using unity for a 2D game, seeing as it’s designed for 3D but I’m glad I went with it, it’s just so easy and quick to use. The controls were done really quickly, leaving a lot of time for making levels and fiddling with graphics(which probably took the most time for me, as It’s not a point I usually get to).

Levels were easy to make:

    Top down view, and no fiddly graphics to deal with, just boxes. It’s good to be able to just move things around easily, without messing up the whole look. It isn’t the prettiest, but I think too much content to be made would have just taken way too long, and it wouldn’t have been very motivating either, had things gone wrong(which they definitely would have!).


What went wrong:

I am bad at music:

    I have not made any sort of music or sound before, and I have no idea where to start learning. I was planning on using GarageBand on my ipad for music, but stupidly I had not tested it beforehand. I thought there was an export to email option(and this is what google tells me too, what?) but I could not find it for the life of me… Trying to sync up with my ipad has caused troubles before, so that’s not something I wanted to deal with during the time frame of the contest.

    Using it definitely would not have made a difference anyway; I am still bad. I just plain need a lot more practice with this kind of stuff. I am still happy with what I managed to achieve, however. Most things I make are just silent, and I am glad this one is not!


    This I think was the main criticism I received, and I can definitely see why. I used the drag rigidbody unity asset to make the dragging movement, and didn’t change it much at all. It certainly sped up the process, but I really should have spent more time fine tuning it to make it feel better, or even writing a new script based of it.

Didn’t really think about plot/graphics until the last minute:

    There’s not really much more to it then that. I would have liked to have had story be more integral to the gameplay. As it is, it’s basically just something that’s tacked on, and I’m not really happy with that.


Anyway, In general I’m happy with what I’ve managed, but I’ve still got a lot to learn.

Thanks everyone for playing my game, and leaving comments! It means a lot to me, you guys are really helpful. I look forward to future games/jams/whatevers 😀

We’d like it if you Stay: Done!

Posted by (twitter: @terrawah)
Monday, August 22nd, 2011 2:21 pm

I have finished my jam entry, and titled it 😀

I’m quite happy with this, my first ludum dare game, my first decent game, and my second game in total. I have achieved what I set out to do, which is not something that usually happens.

Click to play!
Click image to play!

This event was great fun, I’m glad I decided to give it a go. And now, it’s time for me to play some of the other entries :)

Jam progress

Posted by (twitter: @terrawah)
Sunday, August 21st, 2011 3:10 pm

Goodness! I can’t believe I’ve gotten so much done in 2 days. I don’t think I’ll be able to do everything I’d like to with the remaining time (so I’m still going for the jam), but I’m quite surprised, I didn’t think that something like this was at all achievable for someone at my skill level. I am happily disproven :)

Anyway, I’m not calling the game done just yet. I’ve made progress though.

still not sure if this is too dark
The bulk of what I did today is not visible in this screenshot.

But the bulk of what I did today also doesn’t take very good screenshots!

First blog post

Posted by (twitter: @terrawah)
Saturday, August 20th, 2011 10:45 am

Hello everyone 😀

This is my first LD! I’ve decided to go with the jam for that reason; I don’t think I’m anywhere near good enough to try and make something in only two days, hah.

Anyway, I had a bit of a think yesterday when the theme was announced. Today I’ve gotten to work, I think it’s coming along pretty good, at least in terms of being made. Whether or not it’s a good game is a whole other thing.

Not final art... I hope!

I’ve gone for the ‘you are in a room now get out of it’ idea… and it seems so has everyone else. oTL
However, I hope the gameplay will set it apart… I’ve got it so you can move the yellow-ish things around with your mouse, and you have to move them in the right order in order to get to the door. I’ve done a few puzzles already; I’ll try and do as many as I can. Hopefully it will turn out okay.

I’ve also got some ideas for the graphics and atmosphere… but that will happen only if I have time. Here’s hoping!

Looking forward to playing the games that everyone makes!

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