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New to Ludum Dare…

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015 2:44 pm

All new to Ludum dare, I have always had my mind made up to make a video game but I haven’t ever gotten around to it.  I think it might be good to enter… but after looking around I am a bit taken back on what I need to actually do to enter…  do I need to sign up anywhere or does just posting that I am in count?


Thinking about entering the Compo as it would force me to create it all myself from scratch ( I definitely don’t think my first game will be good or anything but it will be a great jumpstart into me actually pursuing my dream).   But I don’t understand how I would submit my entry, is it just a post here?  I am thinking its just posting screenshots and then links to the code and such here?  Is that correct?

Anyways I plan on making a HTML5 game (Javascript+CSS)… from scratch.  Will be hosting it via Github (source code as a html page)… is that normal?  This would be rather than actually hosting in on a webserver… forcing someone to download the whole page as a package and running it locally.

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