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Just released my first Jam entry.

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Monday, December 16th, 2013 9:47 am

Download here.


I was finished by the deadline, but I got some awesome music from Crudelis Diabolus (listen!), so I decided to enter the Jam. I had never entered LD before and I hadn’t done so many projects before, but I’m pretty happy with my game. Now let’s do some self-assessment:



  • Managed to finish!
  • I’m pretty happy with how it looks visually.
  • There’s some depth and mood.
  • Difficulty is kind of ok? Everybody who tested it managed to finish but found the last levels hard.
  • Not because of me, but the music is good and fits well.



  • The controls needed lots of tweaking and I’m not sure if they are the that good.
  • The theme affected the plot rather than the gameplay, which might not be ideal.
  • I didn’t really know the library I used at all, so I had some trouble at first.


But still, I’d say it’s pretty good for a first LD entry. Had fun, would do again!

Progress update for today

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Saturday, December 14th, 2013 11:15 am

So. My first LD. This is what I have so far:



* Assets for pretty much everything

* A basic room system, including loading them from files and moving in them

* Five rooms so far with ideas and code for most of the later ones

* The idea and basic structure planned out


The idea is that you are a robot thing trapped in a dungeon of some sort, but you only have one bullet/ammo/whatever which is required later so you are forced to deal with enemies in creative ways.


I’m feeling pretty hopeful for finishing tomorrow. Controls and collision detection still need some tweaking, so it kind of requires that. Oh, music too.


Stuff I used so far:

* Java

* Eclipse

* The default libraries

* Paint.net

* Notepad

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