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Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 3:16 am

Si vis ludum, para bellum.

The vapor condensing on the cold morning was the only sign of my presence on the edge of the forest. I hoped. Patiently, I reckoned the isolated building through my binoculars. For the umpteenth time. Hoping that maybe the odds would have improved by mere accumulation. Which, needless to say, was not the case. I could feel the tension in each and every one of my stiff muscles and their sharply silent whine, showing their disapproval for a restless sleep marked by the anticipation. The objective would be soon revealed and, with it, paths opened for 48 hours to fulfill my mission. I must stand ready to adapt myself, to improvise, to overcome.

To win.

This battle’s outcome, in the skin of each and every one of the brave souls that boldly address the insurmountable odds ahead. I salute you!

Guys, I’m Going In. I wish you all luck and inspiration.

End of Transmission.

The snow ball’s chance in hell… and I lost???

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Sunday, August 26th, 2012 6:47 pm

Well… damn it! X( I decided to start from scratch this morning, as yesterday’s work was, simply put, crap 😛 18 hours to complete the work of 48. Difficult? Nah, piece of cake!

I’m proud I got the game to a point where it is playable (somewhat) in such a short amount of time. Yet it is not playable enough for me to submit it. So, this time I couldn’t manage to complete the LD challenge and, man, that stings… The odds were tough, that’s true, yet I never gave up hope. I guess that’s a lesson to be learned from the experience, as powerful and tiresome as the last time.

Well, here’s what the game, “Ascendead Masters” (kudos to those who know where the name comes from ;D) looks like after roughly 16 hours of work:

Next time, I’ll prevail. Damn right! 😀

Congratulations to everyone that has put time and effort into this compo throughout the weekend! Whether you’ve finished your game or not, if you’ve tried your best, you’re a trooper!
I tip my hat to you :)

’til the next LD, everyone!!

Well, this ain’t working…

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Saturday, August 25th, 2012 11:39 pm

As some other fellow Ludum Darers, I woke up this morning, had a look at what I did yesterday, and felt like throwing myself out the window (that opens to a backyard, 1 meter below).

Damn, what happened during the night? Because there’s no way I had such a crappy idea on my hands and failed to notice how crappy it really was! Granted: drink enough beer and it will look like the next “Legend of Zelda”. But I can’t throw a readme file with the game that asks the player to get heavily intoxicated before playing it, can I?
Nope, I didn’t think so. Players are a bunch of prima donnas these days!

Well, as I can’t expect every player of this “game” to be drunk while at it, I have but one other option…

Starting from scratch.

So, 18 hours left, huh… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Hell Yeah!!

Good luck with the final hours, everyone!

First and (not so) exciting update!! :D

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Saturday, August 25th, 2012 4:48 am

Yo, everyone!

Behold the marvels of some 6 hours of work:

Can’t you see the potential?? Yeah, me neither… 😛
Damn theme’s been laughing at me while poking me in one eye all morning, and yet I could do nothing but to remain very, very still, hoping for the foul beast to lose interest.
And then: a REVELATION!!! As it usually happens, inspiration came while at the john. Porcelain’s magical powers +3! I should substitute my desk’s chair with a toilet!

I haven’t lost all faith, yet. I see some long, tough hours ahead. But, even from this most humble beginning, the idea may flourish and give birth to a cool game.
After all, EVOLUTION is this compo’s theme, ain’t it? 😉

Keep it up, everyone! The foul beast CAN be tamed!

Knee-deep in LD!! O_o

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Thursday, August 23rd, 2012 9:29 pm

Boy, is the anticipation building!!

This will be my second LD… yeah, I’m one of “those”! I’m still dealing with the aftermath of LD23, so my therapist thinks trying my hand again at this is a good idea . As she’d say: “start anew”, “face your fears”, “stop calling me at home every damn night”. Etcetera.

I’ll probably be making some kind of 2D extravaganza, mainly because I can’t model in 3D for the life of me 😛 Well, I guess I could actually model, like pose for some pictures, and do so in 3D, ’cause that’s just the way I’m built, but I suspect that would be useless. And awkward. And creepy.

So, I’ll stick to what I know. And what I know is:
– Game Maker
– Flash / The GIMP / GraphicsGale
– sfxr / bfxr
– PXTone

Good luck, everyone! And, above all else, have fun!! 😀

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