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Here we go again.

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Sunday, April 28th, 2013 1:14 am

I posted this last time I did a solo dare.

You’d think I’d have learned what to do when trying to make a game, but curiosity still gets the best of me, haha.

And here’s my time management so far, mostly in chronological order:

1.5 hours – brainstorm/design

3.3 hours – Dialog box system + minor code testing

7 hours – sleep

6 hours – Cutscene system + ‘unit tests’


.5 hours – Art

1.5 hours – Look for a certain documentation for DAME

4 hours – Wrote my own parser for DAME while floundering around in documentation `__`

1 hour – Write an XML/CSV parsing system and build a test map.

.5 hours – Implement a player character and get it to move around in the map.


Programming : ~16.5 hours

Art: .5 hours

Design:  1.5 hours


The best thing about this is that I’ve spent nearly 9.5 hours working on the cutscene/dialog text system as the first features on this project. There was no game to attach them to – they are just sitting there, waiting for a concrete implementation, and they probably won’t get used much, either, haha. I was just really curious about how to implement them, though…

I’m poised to have about 7-8 hours to work on this tomorrow.

– Music/SFX
– more art?
– Basic enemies or level design things that are interesting (I only have basic blocks right now)
– Title/End states
– Player attacks?

I figure I can probably get 1 or 2 more systems in if I don’t get caught in the ‘testing’ part of the process. I want to work on music though, but I’m not so worried about that – I made all the music and sound effects for this game and half the music in this game in 1-2 hours, each.

I also made all the music, sound effects, and gameplay for this game,

…and I think it will be more like that one.



I’m in

Posted by
Friday, April 26th, 2013 7:33 pm

Flixel on Flashdevelop.
No drawing tablet.
Final Destination.


[I’ll be using DAME as my map editor, FL Studio / maybe Garageband for music, SFXR for sound, and possibly TweenMax, if I get to it]

i’mbuggingoutman post mortem.

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Sunday, August 26th, 2012 6:50 pm

This was my first solo compo, though I had contributed to other jam games in the past.

So… I was going to make a game where you’d basically be killing bugs.

If there are survivors in a wave, you hop into the next wave, with their offspring, whose abilities have evolved.

At level 1, your kitchen is infested by some simple bugs that just walk around back and forth.
At level 2, your kitchen is infested by smarter bugs that run away from you.
At level 3, you’d get your first super-large-bug that you can’t (easily) kill with the platformer-bounce, and would have to grab a knife or something else as a weapon to kill it.

Essentially, this would have broke down into a twitch-action, mindless beat/shoot-em-up :3

What I ended up having:

A short-time-limit bounce-on-all-the-enemies joke game.

It’s essentially the behaviors from levels 1 and 2, with a timer I threw in in the last 20 minutes lol.

I used about 22 hours on this, and about halfway through, after getting some basic player physics/interactions were working, I decided to kinda redo how all the sprites were set up, in preparation for having a weapon. It’s a kind of issue I’ve been thinking about, since I’ve been wanting to make an action-fighting-platformer for a while and have been thinking about hitboxes and how to really split that up. All that curiosity ended up in me treating it as a programming experiment, since I’ve been meaning to try a few things out (specifically, composition over inheritance, since it wasn’t something I really learned in school). The best part is I ended up omitting the weapon system in the submission. awwyeah, good use of time lol.

Interfaces are cool. Coding patterns are cool. Composition is cool.

Using XML would have been cool to set up the stages, if I had the systems I wanted and levels made lol. Instead, it just hardcodes the number of enemies in each wave.


This pretty much summarizes it.



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Sunday, August 26th, 2012 4:27 pm

Well, I’ve probably worked a total of like 21 hours on the game, and a lot of that was experimenting and refactoring code.


I think at some point, it (d)evolved into a coding exercise instead of a game.

Hooray for composition and XML-based levels?

Not sure if I’ll extend this into a Jam game since I’ll have no time to work on it tomorrow :/

the game has looked like this (while changing in the back-end) for at least 5 hours.

Little late, don’t hate.

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Friday, August 24th, 2012 11:45 pm

This is my first real attempt at a compo entry. I kinda spent a good amount of the time writing parody lyrics instead of developing though.

All I know for sure at this point is that I’ll be using Flixel.


And now, for something more entertaining. Name that tune.


Everybody get up, it’s time to scrum now
Let’s get a ‘real game’ going now
Welcome to the game jam

Do a dance in your pants
It’s a game jam

alright alright alright alright-

Come on and cram, and welcome to the jam
Come on and cram, it’s a part of game jams

Hey you, whatchu gonna do
Hey you, whatchu gonna do
Hey you, whatchu gonna do
Hey you, whatchu gonna do

All game makers in the house let’s go
Got a programmer and artist so

Download Flixel, load up FLEX-
Box2D, you know what’s next

Brainstorm- snacks in yo face
Pizza party’s all the craze

Prototypes all down the room-
Final product “COMING SOON”

10:15, :20 and :30
Bug in code – it’s 7:30.

Get tired, lose yo mind
Compo’s running out of time

Hey coders – SPEED IT UP
Tablet pens are burning up

Get on the site and hit submit
Servers down, delay’s legit.

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