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The Final Novel

Posted by (twitter: @@TeddyNashor)
Monday, August 25th, 2014 12:36 am

screen1This ‘game’ leans on the ‘not a game’ category because its primary feature is the social experiment that it contains.  Coated by a skinner box, Cookie Clicker mechanic,  this #LD48 entry explores what sort of story all of us game developers would create if we all could only write one word every 20-ish minutes or so, depending on your mining facilities.

Nearing the 24 hour left mark I had a rather large change in direction because I was thinking “this sh*t sucks, wtf am I making.”  I had a pretty nice looking intro (Im a programmer so it was nice for me), and  some boring game mechanic that just didnt make me happy.  I was sitting in the shower thinking how can I make this even slightly interesting within the next 24 hours.  I always wanted to do some sort of social game like Twitch plays pokemon, or the like, so I changed the intro sequence text slightly to make the plot make sense.  Busted out a rather large chunk of networked code, a database, and turned this terrible cookie clicker into a terrible story generator.  Yay!  And this shitty story generator is recruiting you,  yes YOU, to be the driving force behind it.

–On a slightly more real note, it has been particularly fun to watch the story grow live as it sits running on my second monitor.  So thanks to all who have participated so far!  And hopefully more will join and before you know it, THE FINAL NOVEL will be complete!

–I have done solo LD48 now quite a few times and will be looking for a partner next time!  Get in touch on twitter fellow gamedevs, even if your not interested and stay connected!  Gamedev is my world and I want to meet as many people as I can who share a similar love in the craft! https://twitter.com/TeddyNashor


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