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Programmer duo is in!

Posted by
Wednesday, April 13th, 2016 7:23 am

Gonna do this jam with a friend. We’re both hardcore programmers so we will see what we can come up with! Since I am more experienced (relatively speaking) with game development and game jams, I will take on the role of producing graphics and audio. We’ll stick to 2D since that is much simpler than 3D.

Engine: Unity 5
Programming language: C#
Graphics: Photoshop
SFX/music: Audacity, mouth, BFXR, SFXR, and something for music.

Since it’s the Jam we might search for some free-to-use music online, but we’ll try to stick to the Compo rules as much as possible! (More fun that way, imo)

EDIT: Forgot to link my library I use for all Unity projects. Contains some tidbits of code that makes my unity experience smoother. https://bitbucket.org/taviandir/unityextensions

Happy jammin’ !

MiniLD Day 1 progress

Posted by
Saturday, March 26th, 2016 1:29 pm

Heya folks, I am here to report my progress for Day 1. I am in Europe so the day is getting late for me, gonna watch a movie with my S/O before going to bed, and onward to day 2. I am getting sick too (a cold) which will not help progress. :(

I am happy about the progress I made today. Here is a small gif (i hope gifs display properly) of what I have accomplished so far.


This time around I am trying a new approach for planning, since I have a little bit more time than the usual 48 hours. I have divided the bigger ToDo’s like this. Tomorrow’s focus will be to try and do most of the MUST’s still remaining:


We’re in for the Jam!

Posted by
Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 5:55 am

Usually I do the LD by myself, but this time I’m gonna introduce a friend to it, and why not do so by doing the LD together?! :)

That’s why @andredotj and I will be entering the Jam as a team! We’re both programmers at the core, so we’ll see how this goes. Looking forward to the event! I am currently in Japan and my friend in Sweden, so the time gap will be a challenge for sure!

I have at least a little pixel art experience (even tho i am still very bad at it) so I will focus on doing graphics foremost and be a programming backup, while he will focus solely on the code. Don’t know what we’re gonna do about music and sounds, as Jam is more relaxed in its rules, but I think we’ll try to create as much as possible by ourselves and use external material only as needed.

Our tools:

Engine: Unity3d (with 2D)
Coding language: C#
Code editor (for me): Visual Studio
Graphics editor: PhotoshopVersion control/Project sync: Git
Sound/music: [unknown]

My library that I use for every Unity project: https://bitbucket.org/taviandir/unityextensions/src

Let’s enjoy the ‘Dare! πŸ˜€


I am in (all the way from Japan)!

Posted by
Monday, July 27th, 2015 9:04 pm

I AM IN! This will be my 4th time participating in the Ludum Dare. My goal is the same as last time, to break into the Top 200 in the Overall category. My best record is #203 (or was it #204?) so I really wanna get into top 200! I have enjoyed every Ludum Dare immensely so far, and it is one of my favourite events of the year! Depending on when the December event is this year, I might not be able to participate in LD34 (got 2 big and important tests in the middle of December), so I gotta do extra good this time!

I am still in Japan so I am stuck on a one-screen laptop and OS X, but I will do my best regardless!

Engine: Unity (2d)
Graphics: Photoshop
Audio: PixiTracker(android), gonna see if there are any cool OSX audio programs before the events.

Good luck to everyone and break a leg, or as they say over here: γŒγ‚“γ°γ‚ŠγΎγ—γ‚‡γ†οΌ


I’m in! 3rd attempt

Posted by
Tuesday, April 7th, 2015 5:40 pm

Hey everyone!

It’s finally time for what has become one of my favourite times of the year – the Ludum Dare!! I’m gonna participate for the third time. My goal last time was to make it into TOP 200 in the Overall categegory – I ended up 204th. Slightly bitter, but I was still very pleased with my game, I got in the TOP 100 on Audio and Humor, probably thanks to my amazing voice acting (game here)! x) My goal this time is the same as last try, and I hope I succeed in breaking into the Top 200 this time! Gonna try and step up my game for this one :)

Engine: Unity3D (with 2D)

Code Editor: Visual Studio 2013

Graphics: Photoshop

Sounds and music: Audacity, PixiTracker, SFXR, others?

My own very small library of help stuff I use for all new projects I create: https://bitbucket.org/taviandir/unityextensions/src

Can’t wait for the April of 17th!! Bring it on! :D:D


I’m in! 2nd go

Posted by
Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014 1:51 pm

Finally it’s time for another LD! This will be my second time participating. My last game got into #394 overall (out of 1500 entries), and that’s something I have to beat. My goal is getting in the top 200 this time. I’m not as prepared as I’d prefer to be, but like many others, I’m doing last minute preparations.


Engine: Unity3D 4.6 in 2D mode

I feel fairly comfortable using the Unity3D engine at this point, since I’ve used it off and on since Unity 3 version. Programming in C# is something I do via work I’m not worried.

I have a small library of extension methods n stuff I import into all projects I start, available here: https://bitbucket.org/taviandir/unityextensions/src

Graphics: Paint.NET, Photoshop

Audio: Yeah, about those last minute preparations, ehhe…

I’m browsing through what others are using and taking notes. I’ve used the SFXR previously, but never put any real effort into sounds and music.
Audio software that looks promising and relatively easy that I’m gonna look into are:

Bosca Coil
and more…

I’m hoping one of them will turn out decent.

Soooo excited for this LD!!! Good luck everyone, and I’ll see you among the top entries πŸ˜‰

Tavi out.

I’m in!

Posted by
Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 11:47 pm

I’ve been following Ludum Dare for over a year. Followed the voting, played a ton of published games after the LD weekends. But I’ve never participated. Why? I have no good reason why, yet I’ve always managed to find _some_ excuse to put it off – deliberately put in other plans on the LD weekend to have something to blame on, boring theme (not true ofcourse), and so on. I know Unity-chan fairly well, I know code fairly well (I even write code for a living!) But now it’s enough of that! I have no excuses for this upcoming LD weekend either, so this time I’m gonna participate! I’m happy and excited to do this! I can do this. I will do this. I must do this.


Engine: Unity3D

Coding language: C#

Graphics: Paint.NET + Photoshop

Sound: Sfxr


Good luck to everyone participating and may the theme be awesome yet again (of course it will, duh) !


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