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Sunday, August 24th, 2014 5:31 am

I really wanted to do something for the dare but can only free up 2-3 hours or so each day, keeping my expectations low I’ve now submitted Alice.

Using Unity, the idea was to gamify literature in some way (that being the connection of two worlds) so I settled on a typing-of-the-dead-but-in-trippy-8-bit-pallette feel, the huge advantage being that I only then had to consider text, audio and colouring. The data feeding that mechanic could be any .txt file. After getting the prototype working in a couple of hours I moved to the Gutenberg project for inspiration and took Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, mainly as it’s well known and in the public domain. Another 3 hours of tweaking, bugfixing and hacking and the end product is something that’s actually pretty fun. 1 hour spent generating the audio needed and 30 mins or so trying out coroutines in Unity, glad I didn’t go for something neeeding more content.

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