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Rage: Destroyer of Worlds – LD #30 Postjam release

Posted by (twitter: @MidnightTinker)
Saturday, January 10th, 2015 10:26 pm

Simple project with arena combat, that expands to gain some depth and variation with elemental abilities you can equip your left and right mouse attacks individually after defeating Mini bosses, and 4 stat options to choose from after each boss is defeated across the 5 worlds you battle upon. Mini bosses and Bosses also have progressively stronger elemental abilities you should look out for.



 This was a small game developed for LD30 that got cut significantly short of what I wanted it to be for submission, and was my first completed project since changing from Unity to Unreal Engine 4. I spent time expanding the gameplay afterwards but its release was delayed for a long time because of an engine bug spanning 2 versions that wouldn’t allow me to compile the project, however now it is complete and ready to play.

Hope you get to have fun playing this :), I’ve spent countless hours playtesting it as I developed it and though it’s relatively small scale compared to most arena games I’ve continued to enjoy my time with it. Though it’s extra reading I’d recommend looking at the element descriptions in-game to better understand what each does and how they may have advantages with each stat item you may pickup to get the most out of the game.

Massive improvements for Creatures of Torzig postjam release

Posted by (twitter: @MidnightTinker)
Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 7:54 pm

(It’s still a very small scale game but compared to the original release I am far far happier with this now and have made many improvements to it)
Take care of your creature by feeding it and playing Volleyball with it to improve its skills, aiming to receive one of the medals available for consecutive passes.

The original goal for this project was to create a quick fun game for LD Jam 31 that I could complete entirely within the Jam time period (so I could return to the project I was working on afterwards), using art assets from one of my future projects (its concept art).
While I did achieve that to a degree, and some people enjoyed it a lot, there ended up being a relatively large amount of confusion with some systems and because I had half the amount of time to develop it I had hoped for because I became sick during the Jam the pacing felt off and there wasn’t a real goal.

I really don’t like leaving a game I developed short of an experience I can thoroughly enjoy, and while I was satisfied with it for the LD Jam giving what I had to work with, I wasn’t ready to call it complete. So after completing my other project as much as I could (currently stuck waiting for Unreal Engine update), I got back to working on Creatures of Torzig and have spent approximately a week making change, massive improvements, and spending many hours playtesting, balancing and making minor tweaks so it could reach the stage it is at now, where I am thoroughly happy with it and able to call it complete.

Below is a list of summary of the changes made for the PostJam release.
:: ADDED– Sounds, and music by Kevin Green.
:: ADDED– Medals to be gained when achieving a certain amount of passes.
:: ADDED– Visual notifications when you achieve a certain amount of passes, and when the creature levels up in Volleyball skill.
:: CHANGED– Massive changes on how feeding works, so it is now simpler to understand while keeping its original dynamism.
:: CHANGED– Simplified the volleyball target icon and updated it to give a better indication of how long each stage lasts while keeping it easy to read.
:: CHANGED– Massive balance changes for how the creature performs in Volleyball based on its energy, which now decreases as it plays Volleyball (instead of the original static decrease in energy after the game) which adds a level of increasing difficulty over time even after you reach Volleyball skill level 5, which is now the max level instead of 10.
:: CHANGED– Many balance changes for the Volleyball and Feeding system.
:: CHANGED– Adjusted the guide to be a refined quicker read and take into account the latest changes.

Potentially participating again

Posted by (twitter: @MidnightTinker)
Thursday, December 4th, 2014 7:10 pm

My experience in the Jam last time was quite fun, even though I regrettably still haven’t been able to make a final update for the project because of a bug introduced in an update to Unreal Engine 4 which I built it in (though I’m hoping that was finally resolved in the latest update).
Additionally I’m refining a recent game jam projects which I developed.

I don’t want to end up with another project I have to spend time post-jam refining with current projects that still need work, so for this Ludum Dare I’m planning to develop the game in Construct 2 which I’ve completed some projects in the past with, which will hopefully allow me to complete the game entirely across the 72 hour period and not require post-jam refinements/improvements to complete it, letting me make a fun small complete game that more people can easily access via HTML5/web then return to my current projects.
If I can’t get a fun and stable experience going with the game design inside the first 12 hours then I’ll have to pass and return to my current projects.

Largest problem beyond not having recent experience with the engine I foresee is, my 2D art…..is worse than programmer art, and I’m not even a programmer (unless you count visual programmer). So it’ll be rough with that, but hoping I can find a game design that works regardless, and I’m just hoping to take this opportunity to create another fun game for people to play and share.

All that’s left for the project is adding the interface/menus/end-game and death conditions, and it will be complete.
Conclusion so far? It’s super fun! And I’m so happy it turned out as I had hoped.
I’ve been having so much fun playtesting it for hours and making various tweaks to the elements/enemies/gameplay pace, etc, and it’s a brilliant feeling to spend time on a project and have it turn out as intended. It was definitely worth continuing after the Compo to round up the rest of the game.

Below is a video showing the latest gameplay through to stage 4.

All of the gameplay experience is there now, so if you’d like to try it out and give any feedback regarding your experience I’d love to hear it, hopefully you enjoy your time with it ^^!
You can download this build here for PC – https://www.dropbox.com/s/lzk2ttaut6vza6q/RageDOWfinalbeta.zip?dl=0

—Controls (keyboard | controller)–
Movement— w/a/s/d | Left Joystick
Camera— Mouse | Right Joystick
Invert Vertical Camera Motion— Middle Mouse Button | R3
Swing Attack— Left Mouse Button | R2
Strike Attack— Right Mouse Button | R1
Jump— Spacebar | L1

—Gameplay Notes–
This shows your combat data indicators – http://i.imgur.com/mJTzMIY.png
This shows you what chests are available to get and how they help you – http://i.imgur.com/aRvDg1p.png
Currently there is no ‘end-game’ or death condition for testing purposes (so you don’t need to worry about dying when experimenting), however the final build will have you successfully complete the game upon defeating the 5th worlds boss.

A bunch more progress with my Post-Compo Ludum Dare release, and a demo available (by demo I mean it’s incomplete-final release will still be free).

Elements-a major part of the final experience are still missing as I ran into constant issues with the system and decided to work around it for now, balancing out the rest of the game.  So you can now progress through the worlds by defeating boss enemies-which spawn after defeating a certain amount of minions, and you’re able to choose which stat to invest in (which will be able to complement your play style more so when elements are added).

Below you can see a video showing the latest progress.

It’s incomplete but it’s at a good point to start receiving feedback on the current experience, so if you’d like to try it out you can download this demo here for PC – https://www.dropbox.com/s/i3q8mm0dbv6kek9/RageDOWPostCompoDemo.zip?dl=0

—Controls (keyboard | controller)–
Movement—  w/a/s/d | Left Joystick
Camera—  Mouse | Right Joystick
Invert Vertical Camera Motion— Middle Mouse Button | R3
Swing Attack—  Left Mouse Button | R2
Strike Attack—  Right Mouse Button | R1
Jump—  Spacebar | L1

—Gameplay Notes–
This shows your combat data indicators – http://i.imgur.com/mJTzMIY.png
This shows you what chests are available to get and how they help you – http://i.imgur.com/aRvDg1p.png
Currently there is no ‘end world’, however the final build is planned for you to only combat 5 worlds before facing the final enemy. It’s intended to be a challenge to reach that point and your score will be based upon how many enemies you defeated.
Currently you intentionally don’t die, so that you can continue forward and balance the difficulty growth of enemies throughout each world/how the stat increases balance, etc, without worrying so much about death. It’s more a test of how it feels currently.


I really hope you enjoy this latest update to the project and I look forward to rounding out the experience further for its completion soon :)


EDIT: A small update but one worth mentioning, made some balance changes and spiced up the variety in boss battles, now you’ll begin to face enemies who can only be damaged by the boss’s attacks. I’ve replaced the video here and updated the download with the latest build, hope you enjoy the changes.

Rage: Destroyer of worlds, progress towards Post-Compo release

Posted by (twitter: @MidnightTinker)
Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014 10:24 am

I was never able to get my project as far as I had hoped to, so with the positive feedback I’m eternally grateful for by those who have tried what I was able to accomplish and submit for the LD48 Jam, I have continued forward with development for a Post-Compo release.

Above you can see me experimenting with the latest addition-the elemental effects your weapon will be able to gain through the destruction of boxes dropped by mini-bosses (the larger enemies seen). It’s not actually effecting anything yet, but I’m really happy with its implementation and the visual representation.
Your weapons attack will leave a trail based on what elements it has gained and to what degree, and crystals of each element will appear on your head-the slower they spin the less time left before its effect disappears.
A fun note-something I often hear is ‘I wish the enemies would be damaged by their attacks as well’, so a fun quirk I’ve kept is that while enemies won’t cast effects on each other for balancing purposes and to keep the experience fun, I have made it so they still deal damage-at 10%, and knockback. So it keeps all the fun of knowing they are being damaged without poorly effecting the experience or balance (having the mini-boss wipe out its minions before you even attack isn’t the best haha).

Other things I’ve changed/added since the competition.

  • A lot of refining of the satisfaction of dealing and receiving damage along with more visual recognition (The sounds, color tint that builds up with consecutive hits-red for normal hits/yellow critical hits, and knockback).
  • Background music from our music artist Kevin Green (heard in the video above).
  • Refinement of attack mechanics (the orb on the left/right of your characters head shows your left/right mouse button attacks charge), the left attack continues to get faster as it is held-when the left orb is empty you can only swing once consecutively, the right-attack requires an initial cost and auto-casts when the orb is emptied-it also has twice the chance to deal a critical hit.
  • Some noteworthy quirks with the elements-you’ll gain them separately for your left/right attack depending on which attack you break open the box with, and upon each swing you’ll have a ‘chance’ to cast any element you have up to its level (nothing is guaranteed). This keeps your normal attacks valuable and each swing playing a vital part while balancing out the experience (and if you manage to get away from an enemy after one swing you might escape the full wrath of their elemental damage too). It really expands the experience in a fun way instead of the traditional mechanics for this.

I hope you enjoy what you see in the video and look forward to more progress on this, hoping to complete it for a release soon after the Ludum Dare judging is finished.



I’ll be joining the Ludum Dare Jam this weekend :)

Posted by (twitter: @MidnightTinker)
Thursday, August 21st, 2014 10:27 pm

Hello everyone,
I’m from Midnight Tinkering and hope to enter the Ludum Dare Jam this weekend.
Midnight Tinkering

I’ll be using Unreal Engine 4 to develop my project. Here’s a gameplay video of a something small I used to help expand my familiarity with engine, where I ended up spending most time working on the AI, which was a challenge because of how dynamic the gameplay was.

The game is fun however it wasn’t the best experience I’ve had using the engine with many issues popping up which would have destroyed my chances at completing a project within the Ludum Dare Jam time period, meaning I couldn’t complete it before this weekend (I hope to finish it off afterwards), so I’m glad I went for a test run and can learn from those mistakes.
Hopefully it will go smoother during the Ludum Dare Jam though as I would love to complete an enjoyable gameplay experience for everyone to have fun with at the end of this.

I’m mostly nervous now but regardless I wish everyone the best of luck and I hope it gets to be fun for both the developers and gamers who get to share in the joys of game design and development during this time.

Blob Cannon – Midnight Tinkerings first game.

Posted by (twitter: @MidnightTinker)
Thursday, November 1st, 2012 5:31 am

Hello everyone,

We’d like the chance to introduce you to our first released game, ‘Blob Cannon’.
Blob Cannon Trailer

To summarize this project, it’s designed to be a fun, challenging arcade feeling title that has you battling through stages to not only try to post your highscore, but to try and even complete it (in a fun way, not a frustrating way ^^).

Here is a screenshot, followed by some core components of our game.

Preview of the final stage

STATS – You can choose which to gain after leveling up your character.
MONUMENTS – Find these to gain a bonus for their represented stat for the current stage.
POWERUPS – 3 different types of powerups can be found by destroying obstacles.
One type of powerup is a bonus powerup where you can gain additional lives or cannons to use.
The second type, is a Trait. These you can equip to give your character additional abilities.
The third type, is a Power. These enchant your cannon with their powers after activation.
Further details can be found at : Blob Cannon Ludum Dare October challenge 2012
And instructions can be found here (they are also in-game) Blob Cannon Instructions

If this holds your interest at all, please try out the game and share with us your experience.

You can play this game online at our site : Midnight Tinkering – Blob cannon
And if you enjoy your experience with the game and would like to support our future projects, please consider purchasing the game (for any amount you would like ^^) here : (Now just available for free- Purchase Blob Cannon )

I had to concentrate on testing the functionality, mechanics and overall gameplay of the game for the period of development, as well as testing bugs and issues that popped up, because of this most of the scaling of exp/points were rough estimations, and the pacing may be off.
I would love for those who try out this game to please share your experiences here, and give feedback on how the game felt.
I’d also like you to report any bugs you find, and I’ll monitor any bugs found and update the games page with them as I fix them.
(The project will be updated online continuously however the download at Sellbox will only be updated after a large amount of changes, or important changes occur, at which point I’ll update the Sellbox link on the web games page – though I’m more than happy to update the link earlier if asked ^^).

I really hope you take the time to try our game and share your feelings on how you felt playing it, I look forward to your responses, thank you very much for taking your time to read this.
Now I’m off to take a breather, count how many gray hairs I’ve gained, and how much hair I haven’t pulled out, and then I can start playing the game myself, and enjoy it without watching the clock every 10 seconds :).

[update] Only minor, but just found out that I can update/replace files where my file is being taken for Sellbox, and so I’ll be able to easily update that when I make any changes to the web version (I won’t have to add new sale/change links anywhere, etc), which is really really awesome.
On that note just fixed a couple things I found – exiting from pause menu didn’t work and your cannons still collided with an owl after it was trapped in a bubble.

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