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3d game engine from scratch

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Monday, August 29th, 2016 1:28 pm

I accidentally stumbled upon Ludum Dare in facebook 6 hours before start, so I had no time to prepare in advance. This i my feeble attempt at writing a first-person point of view 3d game engine basically from scratch using Webgl and a little utility library Twgl, which basically makes loading geometry a bit less verbose and provides bare minimal matrix math, which I had to extend a bit.

What I didn’t expect at all is the ugly depth test glitch which I still have no idea how to fix. Overall engine development took me so much time that I counld not get to level design part, and had to create just a placeholder minilal map :-(

Ludum Dare 36

My plan is to avoid using OpenGL depth test altogether and to port the project to C++ Linux/Windows. This game was inspired by Unreal Torunament Bunny Track, which I tried to re-create in UT3 back in 2009 by making Bunny Trails mod. My plan has been to make it a standalone game using handmade game engine ever since, and thank to this competition, I got some starting point.

I suppose, very few people understand what the heck I’m talking about. Oh well…

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