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Shapeshift, now with a timelapse.

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Thursday, April 21st, 2016 12:22 pm

I believe this is by far my most solid entry, and I would really appreciate some more feedback!

Gravity After Action Report & Timelapse

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Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015 6:23 pm

Hello Ludum Dare! I’m Alex from Holy Cow Studio, and I’m responsible for some code and design for our latest Ludum Dare submission – Gravity. This was our third attempt at getting a game done in 72 hours, and I think it went much better then the previous two. But, again, there are some things that I’m not satisfied with, which is good, so I’ve decided to write a little AAR about them here.

But first, here are 29 hours of Gravity development, compressed in 12 minutes!

So, yeah, let’s talk about the game now. (more…)

Holy Cow Post-mortem

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Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 5:25 am

Hello! My name’s Alex, I’m the guy that made 1/2 of the game “In search of an Artist” for this months Ludum Dare Jam, and I really wanted to write a little post-mortem of our first game jam experience.

acidSo, here we go.

Let’s start with the Bad things:

  • Impreparation. We really should have done more preparation before the actual Jam. I mean, we lost at least a day of a Ludum timer just setting up and brainstorming for ideas. As you can see, the latter was not very successfull.
  • Prioritization and time management. We ended up spending at least 10 hours just animating and doing enemy AI, and only, like, 5 hours on actual level design, player controls, etc.
  • Sleeping.  To believe our skype call timers, out of 72 hours of jam time, we only spend ~27 developing (plus ~7 hours of preparations). So, yeah. Don’t do that sleep thing. It’s really bad.

Now that we’re done with the things that killed us, let’s see what revives us (aka the Good):

  • Mecanim animations. Despite of how time consuming that thing was, it ended up really awesome. I like it, people seem to like it. I just need to practice that stuff more and stop wasting too much time on it.
  • Music and sounds. Thanks to our awesome Man of Code and a sound artist, also known as Andy, sound in our game ended up being on a pretty good level.

So yeah, to be honest, these two things above are the only things I’m satisfied with in our game right now. We could have done better, and we WILL do better next time.

Also, the game IS based on a true story. We really lost our graphics artist in the begining of the jam. So thats how the “art” style was born, if you’re wondering.

Anyway, thanks to everybody who left comments on our entry page, it really helps us to evaluate our work!

Best wishes, Holy Cow Studio.

try, catch, FINALLY!

Posted by
Monday, April 28th, 2014 4:04 pm

Yay! We’ve completed our first game together and we are so happy!

Big thanks to Ludum Dare for giving us that competition spirit, which in turn motivated us to complete at least ONE and FIRST ever game. You can download and rate it by going here <Link>. OST also available as free download!

With love to game development community, Suurin and Andy Ion.


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Sunday, April 27th, 2014 1:12 pm


G’night Ludum people. Here’s a flying jetpack robot-wolf with a laser gun from our soon-to-be Ludum Jam entry! Still needs some particles and a proper artist, but we’ll manage.

We’re new here and this game would be our first actual finished game, so when you’ll see it in the entries list, please, criticize every bloody thing out of it.

Best wishes, Holy Cow Studio.

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